Confessions of a Shopaholic is teeming with sinful antics and spiked remorselessly with humour.

Read this book if you want to balance your financial and emotional quotients, not if you are looking to double your money in a hurry.
The author offers tips for investors to survive the post-modern Dark Ages that he proclaims is the future.
The book provides an insight into the strategies of the world's most successful investors. But pick it up only if you are a long-term investor.
While the book raises fears about the future, it offers tips on prospering during bad times.
It’s a good time to take sane advice on stock-picking. Pat Dorsey’s seemingly simple, but useful, tips could help, says R. Sree Ram.
Don't be deterred by the tedium of reading this book. If you are an out-of-job IT worker, it could translate into employment, says Alam Srinivas.
Change your investment strategy to counter the collapsing American economy, says Schiff. But don't follow this advice blindly, says Alam Srinivas.
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In the tradition of small-plate dining, this book tells you a little about everything. It’s a bid to find financial wisdom in unconventional places.
Three books on the legendary investor try to decipher his savvy investing skills for millions of awe-struck investors. But don't try to follow his advice blindly.
Fun to read, this comprehensive self-help book is full of astute learning which could help you.
Exploring dualties to make good investment decisions is a novel approach, but it takes a savvy global investor to practise it, says Tanvi Varma.