What you should avoid while preparing your resume

A resume can make or break your chances of getting a job. CareerBuilder lists out the words to avoid at all costs while preparing one.

Online courses offered by reputed universities are helping students and professionals gain valuable knowledge at zero cost.
Knowing when to resign can help you get a better job without hampering goodwill.
Negotiating gender bias at workplace is important for the success of every organisation.
Cracking the culture code at your new workplace is just as important as working hard to make the right impression.
Understanding what makes for appropriate office conversation can help you in your career.
Being on leave does not relieve you of your responsibilities. Plan well for an uninterrupted break.
The benefits can even out the risks of joining a fledgling firm if one makes the right choice.
Coming back from a career break is not easy. The best strategy would be to plan your re-entry well in advance.
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