Tips to gain from likely bullishness in spices in 2015

Most spices that trade on exchanges are likely to do well in 2015.

According to the World Bank, global metal prices are expected to fall more than 5 per cent in 2014 due to new supplies and low demand from China.
Experts suggest you take a cautious approach and invest in commodities that are fundamentally strong and trading close to the cost of production.
In our previous issue, we analysed the World Bank's outlook on farm commodities. Now, we weigh its take on base metals.
Money Today in its last issue looked at commodities that gave positive returns in 2013. Now, it brings you the outlook for those that did not perform well.
For years, commodity trading has been a part and parcel of the economy. Money Today speaks to market players to clear the misconceptions around commodity trading.
While global trends may be reflected in some commodities, experts feel domestic prices of some commodities may move in a different direction.