Battle For Dominance

Print Edition: April 2011

Are you closely watching the stock indices and waiting for some direction to emerge that would help you to decide when to take the next plunge or press the sell button? It must have been an excruciatingly long period during which you were unable to take a cue for your next move. After a secular slide since November last, when the BSE Sensex plunged from 21,000 to 17,500 in February, the stock indices have been moving within a narrow band. It appears that a major behind-the-scene battle for control is raging between the bulls and the bears. For the time being, it is very much at an impasse. But that is not how it would remain for long. One of the two would emerge a definite winner, at least for some time. The fight, however, will go on.

But, the real winner would be the one who remains invested in sound stocks over the long run, with a varied mix. As our story that begins as you turn this page says, equities provide the best returns among all asset classes in the long run, and are ideally suited to beat the impact of inflation on your wallet. However, the road ahead is bumpy, with inflation worries on the domestic front, and political turmoil and devastation in other parts of the globe. So, be on your toes.

It's Bull v/s Bear on the stock markets
2.Market volatility tests investor patience
3.'Lacklustre trading to continue for some quarters'
4.'Firms with good management deliver well on bourses'
5.Invest in stocks with sound fundamentals
6.Pick the best IPO to invest in
7.Check grades before investing in IPOs
8.'Look beyond grading when investing in firms'
9.8 Deadly Sins of Investing
10.'Widespread investment by people will lift the market'
11.Expected mixed response to MII report: Bimal Jalan

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