From the Editor-in-chief

     Print Edition: November 2011

With this issue, your magazine, MONEY TODAY, completes five years. Purely in terms of age, these are still early days. However, we have displayed maturity throughout and have, over the years, presented to you a wide range of information-packed content to help you better plan your finances. We, too, have been learning on our way as fast-paced developments in domestic and global economies throw up new challenges every day.

During these five years, we have seen the capital market boom of 2007 and early 2008, followed by the global financial crises of late 2008 and 2009 that sent stock indices plummeting. Another massive bull run a year later took the BSE Sensex to its all-time high of 21,005 on 5 November 2010, only to give way to the current phase where a double-dip recession threatens the global economy.

Other sectors that have a heavy bearing on your personal finances, such as mutual funds, insurance, housing or the debt market, have all reacted to the developments in their own distinct ways.

We have kept you informed and prepared throughout, be it our November 2008 issue (How to Get Out of the Squeeze) that hit the stands barely days after the Lehman Brothers' collapse or the one of April 2011 (Which Way To Go?) when the first signs of the present slowdown in the capital market appeared.

Our issue on mutual funds (Hooking the Best Funds, June 2011) and the more recent cover story package on retirement planning (Building a Nest Egg, October 2011) have surely left you wiser on long-term financial planning. There has been a fair sprinkling of other stories on housing, home loan, insurance, tax planning and inheritance.

In keeping with our promise to keep you battle-ready, we revisit the stock markets in our cover story package in this 5th anniversary issue. The markets are delicately poised.

However, as data collated by us and the voices of some of the biggest and most astute investors-Ramesh Damani, Parag Parikh, Motilal Oswal and Paresh Khandwala-suggest, this could well be the time to build a portfolio for the future. The sharp correction over the past several months has surely thrown up fresh investment opportunities.

The stock market always has pearls hidden beneath and those who are able to spot them can make huge gains. We try to help you in your search. In our second section, we bring to you the emerging trends in other sectors including mutual funds, insurance and real estate that you can capitalise on in the coming years.

When we launched MONEY TODAY in November 2006, I had written to you that "The challenge is to bring simplicity to a subject (personal finance) that is complex and ever-changing." I believe we have been able to successfully meet the challenge.

We will constantly strive to beat our own high standards and continue to bring you reliable content that is easily understood, to help you grow your money.


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