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On our Website, we are running a life insurance survey that we urge you to participate in by answering a few simple questions.

Rohit Saran | Print Edition: Aug 21, 2008

Dear Doc, I feel privileged to have been chosen as the first financial patient to be reviewed by Money Today’s Portfolio Doctor ('Revisiting Past Patients', 10 July). I am glad I have not deviated much from the path to achieve my financial goals. Following your prescription, I have taken a few course correction steps. I am proud to say that your diagnosis has not only helped me rejuvenate my financial health but also bolstered my conviction in intelligent investing. After all, financial health has a direct correlation with physical and mental health. —Krishnadas Karmakar, Hooghly

Magazines and newspapers regularly get hate and fan mails from their readers. But Mr Karmakar’s letter is different. It helps us validate the purpose of our existence—to help our readers stay in the pink of financial health. A few issues ago, we decided to revisit some past patients of Portfolio Doctor to assess the efficacy and adequacy of our prescriptions. But unlike a medical doctor, our situation is different. First, our advice is free, and often free advice is not treated with the seriousness it deserves. Second, we don’t know if the patients give us a complete picture of their finances. It’s not that people deliberately mislead us; it’s just that they don’t know enough about their finances. The quality of Portfolio Doctor’s advice is directly proportional to the completeness of information we receive.

Luckily, in Mr Karmakar, we found the right kind of review patient to showcase; not because he praised us, but because he was candid with his details. He took our prescription in the right spirit and followed what he thought was best for him. Above all, he knew that financial health is as vital as physical and mental health. Look for lessons from more review patients in the coming issues.

Seeking information from you for your benefit doesn’t end with Portfolio Doctor. On our Website, we are running a life insurance survey that we urge you to participate in by answering a few simple questions. The survey page also offers a downloadable life insurance calculator that will help you decide how much insurance cover you need. Remember, life insurance is the most sold as well as the most mis-sold financial product. Closely following life insurance in popularity are mutual funds, an investment product that is becoming more compelling and complex. Our second mutual fund special issue will help you get started and get ahead with fund investments in just the right way.

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