Editor's Note
Editor's Note

The economy is out of the woods and the stock market is up, though a bit volatile. Even Warren Buffett is coming to India to scout for investment avenues.

The two recent developments that have hogged the mindspace and headlines are the market movement and tug of war over Ulips.
Retail participation in IPOs or new fund offerings has been low in the recent past. However, retail involvement even in the secondary market seems to have dipped.
The small investor has always been the ‘ordinary man’, last on the priority list of companies.
Pragmatic and realistic. Boring and unimaginative. These are the two sets of phrases being used by experts to describe Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget.
There are relevant and important lessons for investors in Sebi's order banning 26 entities and individuals from trading in Indian stock markets.
Today, as India stares at the prospect of lower growth, we are facing the adverse consequences of our actions.
We have consciously done stories that would leave you with actionable takeaways. Today, we know that we are on the right track.
The real measure of your wealth is how much you are worth if you lose all your money.
The third Monday in January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, according to some far-from-scientific calculations by a UK-based researcher.
The stock market indices are climbing up steadily, precious metals are seeing an increased demand and companies are beginning to hire once more.
Change is the new buzzword all over the world, and if people are not quoting Gandhi on the subject, they are quoting Obama.
The IT Act is saddled with dozens of exemptions. It’s high time they are knocked off.
Fundamentals of the Indian economy aren’t likely to change much in the near future, and expectations have already had their impact on the Sensex.
Most of us shy away from stocks during a downturn, even though it is sometimes possible to earn higher returns if one invests in a falling market.
Those above 35 years, who took exceptional risks and became overexposed to equities, should be ruthless in exiting dud stocks and funds.