Expert View
Expert View

Rohit Ferro is in the right place at the right time. Ferro chrome is riding an unprecedented stainless steel rebound. The company's forward and backward integration plans make it attractive.

Taxpayers are hoping that income tax slabs will be aligned with the rate of inflation and the pace of growth in other sectors of the economy.
Losing 50% requires you to gain 100% to make up for your loss! A year of bad performance with a concentrated position can undo five years or more of good work.
Repro India’s compounded annual growth rate of over 16.2% is more than twice the GDP growth and eight times the global print industry growth.
Did you know that tax on interest earned on FDs and NSCs during the year is payable every year, even though you get it on maturity? Read on to know more.
If crises are inevitable, how can retired people protect their wealth against unexpected risks? Here's what to do.
Investing well—as some youth have begun to—doesn’t mean end of confusion. Money Today spoke to four experts to clarify five fundamentals.
The model portfolios contained the downside during the crash.The continued rise in corporate profits shows that fundamentally we are on a sound footing.
There is no rule of thumb to determine which option is more tax beneficial. It depends on the city, rent, type of accommodation and your salary break up.
An individual is still subject to a higher rate of tax than most corporates, and doesn't enjoy as many tax deductions.
A certified financial planner tells us how diversification helps our investments?
Vice-chairman and MD of Dawnay Day AV Financial Services tells us why investment in overseas markets makes sense and how to go about it.