Expert View
Expert View

If you’re someone who’s on the wrong side of 40, and have not yet started putting something aside for it, then you may have to push back your retirement plans.

People think financial planning is expensive. Actually, it is the failure to plan that can turn out to be expensive.
We are over-researched in buying opportunities but selling expertise...well, our official stance is that we are invested for the longterm, so why bother?
Investor grievances, especially those related to listed companies, arise due to inherent weaknesses in the system.
The RBI has stipulated that a copy of the most important terms and conditions be sent with every credit card statement.
Since upgrading to a larger home later will involve significant transaction costs, it is best to buy the largest possible house initially.
India has 26 identified sedimentary basins of which only seven are under production. Around 81% of the acreage with potential remains unexplored.
How much money you have at retirement is a function of how well you managed your money, not how much you earned.
Insurance is a systematic investment plan that forces you to invest money periodically to make your financial goals work.
A life insurer is not tuned to handle a large number of claims and the coverage terms are also quite different.