Expert View
Expert View

The Internet makes us multi-task. According to recent statistics from the Internet and Online Association of India, the leading search engines get six million requests for insurance every month.

Deeper penetration in home segment is possible only with cost-effective distribution, customer education and products/services designed to meet individual needs.
It's argued that investing in stocks can protect against value erosion. It's a big lie.
Sukumar Rajah, CIO, Asian Equities, Franklin Templeton Investments, talks about his forecast for 2010.
Consider this before you read any prognosis for 2010: anything that's being written about investing in this year can, and probably will, go wrong.
The emerging markets have witnessed a strong pick up in employment and consumption.
We need to take a macro call on the economy and markets before we take bottom-up, stock-specific calls.
Like a plant that needs time to bear fruit, your investments will also need time to grow. But, of course, this is possible only if you plant the sapling.
The Sensex needs to come down and form a base close to the 15,500 zone for the uptrend to remain intact.
A flawless GST and the new Direct Taxes Code will put India’s fiscal system on the cutting edge of the world market economies.
Don’t wait for an opportune time to launch IPOs. Private promoters can be greedy, the govt should not be.