Expert View
Expert View

The fee-based model brings in greater transparency and empowers the investor to make the adviser accountable.

Invest in mid-caps when they are in the early stages of growth after recovering from a downturn.
With an obvious rise in demand, I’m sure the realty market has bottomed out and the depression is over.
The challenge is to design products for the payout phase so that people don't run out of income before they die.
The most common errors while planning for retirement include neglect, omission or panic.
Investment advice may be simple but it has to be delivered in different ways to different people. The media should not offer one-sizefits-all solutions.
Just as you pay a mechanic to tune your car or a lawyer for legal advice, shouldn’t you pay the expert who is dealing with your life’s goals?
To improve the share of MF products, we need to increase their popularity beyond the metros. How can we do this?
Why pay a high fee and try to outperform the index when tracking it is much cheaper?
Any management that has a long-term view of its business and wants to raise further capital should prefer to err on the ‘cheaper’ side while pricing its IPO.
There has been a pick-up in retail credit, says Renu Sud Karnad, Joint Managing Director, HDFC.
Making the NPS mandatory and more attractive should be a high priority for the government.
Water is a sensitive item to tax. Many users form vote banks that leaders dare not antagonise.
During times of economic or personal turmoil, a financial adviser acts as a stabilising influence, offering advice without any emotional baggage.
The Budget is, at best, a window dressing — there’s something for everybody, but there are no sweeping changes or reforms to rev up the economy.
In the past two years, the mutual fund space has seen both the good and the bad.
The Congress-led coalition has been elected to govern the country, not to please the stock market.