Expert View
Expert View

As is to be expected in any fundamentally solid business, the best time to invest is when it’s in trouble. It’s in this context that Punj Lloyd’s first quarter results seem like a fairy-tale comeback.

A mutual fund expert blends objective analysis with a dose of subjectivity to list funds that can withstand any market phase.
The real fun happened when a client indignantly called up to demand why a couple of the top performing stocks in Wealth Zoom were not present in her portfolio.
The absence of medical coverage can cripple other protection products and undermine retirement plans, even affect the life insurance policies.
The two questions I’m often asked in these turbulent times are: ‘Where do I invest?’ and ‘How much money should go into debt and equity?’
While the beneficiary of any health cover is always an individual, a group cheque ensures a red-carpet treatment.