The tax-efficient nature of life insurance makes it an ideal vehicle to save income tax.

If you’re planning higher education abroad, take a medical cover from India. It’s cheaper and offers more benefits.
All work has an economic value, which means homemakers and other non-earners also need life insurance. Here’s how to calculate the value of insurance.
Structured mortgage insurance can help your dependents keep the roof over their head even if you’re not around to repay your home loan.
We hunted down five policies you might never have heard of. These are not for everyone, but if you have special needs then these might work for you.
Distribution accounts for the largest element in an insurance company’s costs and affects profitability.
If you pick the right policy, life insurance can be an excellent wealth protection, accumulation and preservation tool.
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Most of us are overpaying or underpaying for non-life insurance policies, expect that to change.Also on the anvil are cutsomised policies.
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Insuring your life for an adequate amount is one of the best legacies you can leave for your financial dependents.
A job in insurance is not just about pushing policies on people. It’s a lucrative career in a large and rapidly growing industry.
You can use insurance policy to enjoy a comfortable retired life, or even bequeath an estate to the individuals or institutions you like.
An error or omission can land a professional in trouble if the client drags the matter to court.