Revising your insurance cover is important to remain financially secure.

There are many life insurance policies targeted at women. But unless they offer specific benefits, they may not be the best option for you.
Cashless claims have run into problems with both insurers and the insured.
Yes. If you invest for at least 10 years and review allocation, it will give you the best combo of insurance and mutual funds.
To attract customers, insurance companies have customised travel insurance plans, making them more flexible and adding clauses that cover new risks and unique situations.
Customers will now be able to buy policies on the phone, through SMS and on the Net.
Adding riders to an insurance plan not only increases the life cover but also enhances the scope of the policy.
Over the past 250 years, insurance has been the fastest growing industry. It has helped grow other industries investing long-term funds.
Health is wealth, but poor health need not make you poorer in wealth if you have a smart health insurance plan.

You need to cover your pet against all kinds of mishaps — and your pocket against their expensive consequences.

Insurance needs are very customer-specific, simply because no two people are identical with exactly similar needs and resources.
With increasing health-care costs, it's time to indemnify against things such as compensation for loss of income.
A recent court judgement might help investors buy out somebody else’s life insurance policy and reap rich dividends.
In future, insurers and financial services providers will work in tandem to offer solutions to customers based on their career. life plan and risk appetite.
Sedentary lifestyles and faulty eating habits are causing life insurance premiums to go up. Find out what you should not be doing to keep your premium low.
Most car owners are not aware of what their vehicles are insured against.A MONEY TODAY primer on how to be financially secure while on the road.
The first dose of freedom is set to change the pricing of policies. For innovations, wait till 1 April 2008 when a free market will truly prevail.

You have built your home and have filled it with the desired possessions. Here’s how to insure them all without spending a fortune.