Fixed income instruments offer steady returns during periods of volatility in other asset classes.

It isn't past performance alone that will help you decide when to part with your fund. There are a number of other factors at play.
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Investing in equities is a must to ensure high growth for your portfolio. To minimise the chances of loss and maximise gains, stay invested for the long term.
Though investing in the stock market is a risky proposition, it is possible to minimise the probability of loss by staying invested for the long term.
Equities has consistently outperformed all other asset classes. Therefore, it works well against rising prices.
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Structured products such as capital protection funds allow investors to gain an exposure to equities without the risk of a downside.
An engineer by qualification, Rajen Shah's foray into the stock market in 1989 had him hooked.
All macro indicators reveal that India has the potential of becoming an economic superpower in the next decade, which will reflect in the stock market.
Though the stock market is volatile in the short term, it has the potential to create immense and stable wealth in the long run.
Investing early gives your money more time to grow. There is also lesser chance of dipping into the investments that dilutes the effect of compounding.