Money Today Archive April 30, 2009 Issue

Edition: April 30, 2009

Cover Story

Buying concerns

Do you feel confident enough to purchase a car or laptop or would you rather save because of the slowdown? We look at recent surveys to discern consumers' attitudes on spending.
Mutual Fund
Don't invest in a scheme just because it charges a lower annual fund management fee.
  • Gleaning the glitter The Money Today-Plexus Management new fund evaluation brings to you an analysis of the SBI Gold Exchange Trading Fund.
  • Be switch savvy In keeping with your age, risk profile and changing requirements, you need to alter this ratio with time.
  • Making a mark While the fixed income funds of ICICI Prudentual Mutual Fund have had a successful run, the equity funds have managed to performed only averagely.
  • Bonding with high returns As interest rates come down, debt funds are poised to give attractive returns.
Babar Zaidi
Don't panic if you have overshot the tax payment deadline. We tell you how to put your taxes in order.
Brinda Vasudevan
If the thought of summer has you sweating, chill. While some of these gadgets are powered to help you keep your cool, literally, others will eat into the long hours by keeping you sufficiently entertained.
Bear markets often witness sudden upswings and the investors mistakenly believe them to be the return of a bull run. The graphs below show that such short-term rallies are much steeper in Indian markets than those in the US.
  • How robust is the rally? Markets have rebounded by over 2,000 points, or 25%, from their recent lows. We analyse whether the uptrend is sustainable in the long term.
Identifying your spending habits can help you save better. Take this quiz to see if you need to curb your expenses or loosen the purse-strings.
Portfolio Doctor
Kamya Jaiswal
Thane-based Sanjeev Bhadane is banking on too many wrong instruments to achieve his goals. He needs to reorganise his portfolio and make fresh investments in equities.
Alam Srinivas
Three books on the legendary investor try to decipher his savvy investing skills for millions of awe-struck investors. But don't try to follow his advice blindly.
Query Corner
Sumeet Inder Singh has been investing Rs 6,000 per month in equity funds for the past three years. Here is what he should do with his fund portfolio.
Pharma stocks have fared well in the past year due to the relatively defensive nature of their business.
Editors Note
Alam Srinivas
We have consciously done stories that would leave you with actionable takeaways. Today, we know that we are on the right track.
Priya Kapoor
Despite salary cuts and freeze in increments, you can maintain your lifestyle by moonlighting. We list out various options to suit your skills.
Talk Back
The quality of management is also an important factor while buying a stock.
Narayan Krishnamurthy
In case of health insurance policies, much of the disgruntlement and many disputes have risen from lack of transparency.
Smart Spending
Spending right is also about slashing costs at the right places. Here are simple strategies to help trim monthly expenses without compromising on your lifestyle.

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