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Mutual Fund
Money Today brings you excerpts from a McKinsey survey on the opportunities for asset management companies in India. The survey attempts to find answers on what investors really look for when choosing a fund.
  • Powerful growth, what next? Infrastructure funds, unlike other sector funds, have so far given twin benefits of diversification and high returns. But it’s time now to pick and choose.
  • 'Know risks and invest regularly' Ritesh Jain, head of fixed income, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund suggests small investors to invest regularly and know their financial goals.
  • Riches from resources Natural resource is a broad canvas and it could be a sure winner for the next three years or more. You can invest in this, especially now that the global meltdown has brought down prices.
An employee is entitled to leave travel concession from his employer for himself and his family for travelling to any place within India.
Ajay Singh
Remember the days when you stored data in floppy discs and felt mighty pleased at your tech awareness? Take a look at some of what’s available today.
The small-cap universe is a treasure trove of bargains - provided you can spot them. We tie up with Trisys Research to identify stocks that aren't in the limelight, but have the potential to give high returns.
  • Pharma stocks back on track Pharma stocks have begun to rally again, on the back of some support in the Budget; read on to know more.
Your Wallet
Namrata Dadwal

Price is not the same as value.The most expensive product isn’t always the best value for your money. This section highlights the least expensive model in a product category. If price is of no consequence, check out the most expensive model.

Home loan is a great personal finance tool that helps you create your biggest financial asset—your house. But, it also comes with hidden terms and conditions, which if not checked can add to your borrowing costs. Money Today reveals 7 such less-known factors.
Portfolio Doctor
Our portfolio experts suggest that Gurgaon-based Bhanu Sharma must plan his investments and increase equity exposure. Read on to know all about Sharma's portfolio.
Query Corner
There are two ways in which one can transfer his shares to wife's account. Read on to know the detailed answer.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Small caps are not stocks small investors should invest in, but if they do feel drawn, our pick may be a good sample to start from.
Talk Back
Discussing the political obligations of a Budget is beyond the scope of this magazine. However as the national and household economy integrates, it is essential to track macroeconomic indicators.
Looking for one central theme for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992, political strategist James Carville had come up with a line that became a memorable slogan: ‘It’s the economy, Stupid”. For a few days after the announcement of January figures of Index of Industrial Production (IIP) this slogan reflected the mood and movements on the stock markets.
Now and Then
Food price inflation is generally associated with rising prices of food grains and vegetables. But these prices are cyclical—they rise and they fall. One food item, the price of which has risen steadily over the years, is milk.
My Idea
Rajshree Kukreti
Mumbai-based Prakash Mundhra’s Diwali puja kits turned out to be a winner. Money Today brings you his story.

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