Money Today Archive Aug 21, 2008 Issue

Edition: Aug 21, 2008

Cover Story

Sudhir Gore and Rakesh Rai

Small towns, big investments

A new stream of mutual fund investors from non-metros is making money—and a difference.
Mutual Fund
Money Today-Value Research funds ready reference is an analysis of 748 funds across 11 most relevant parameters of evaluation.
  • Opportunity loss The cost of not staying invested can be significant. It can be the difference between building wealth or eroding it.
  • The year of commodities Indian mutual fund investors have come of age and now follow a contrarian strategy: they invest during market corrections. More importantly, they have shown patience in the bear run by continuing to stay invested.
  • Wrappers: Better than Ulips? Currently, regulation in India does not allow for a wrapper structure, but once in place, insurance firms and fund providers can jointly offer as near a customised product as possible by allowing clients to choose the right mix of risk cover wrapped around funds.
My Story
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
When Mumbai-based Pankaj and Kim Sharma realised that people with 24x7 lives had no time to unwind, they launched Power Spa, a mobile service that offers quick therapies at home or office, even at parties.
Buying funds randomly does not a portfolio make. You must have a strategy that determines which funds to buy and how much to invest in each. Here are five questions to help you decide whether a particular fund should be in your portfolio. Turn overleaf to understand your fund’s investment style.
Portfolio Doctor
Kochi-based N Krishna Anand is a disciplined and aware investor. But he must tweak his strategy for equity investments and increase the insurance cover.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
On our Website, we are running a life insurance survey that we urge you to participate in by answering a few simple questions.
Talk Back
It is sad, but true, that corporates discriminate against the physically challenged. We shall consider doing a story which discusses the employment opportunities available to such people.
Now and Then
The consumers of coffee far outnumber the investors in this commodity. For them, the price depends to a large extent on where they have it—at home or a trendy cafe.

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