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Pritam P. Hans

Riding Through Uneven Terrain

Safety tips during mkt volatility

Learn how to become a more disciplined stock investor and minimise the risk of market volatility.
Pritam P. Hans
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Before investing in IPOs, new fund offers and insurance policies, make sure that you are familiar with their growth prospects and associated risks.
  • Debt funds offer better returns Funds with exposure to long-term debt have failed to gain from rising interest rates. There are other debt options that offer better returns.
  • Debentures give better returns than FDs Non-convertible debentures offer 2-3 percentage points more in interest than bank fixed deposits for a slight increase in risk.
  • How to manage a diverse portfolio Diversification is the key to portfolio construction. Though spreading your risk helps in minimising losses, you should guard against 'over-diversification.
Top ranked mutual funds
As equity markets remained flat since April 2011, most diversified equity funds over the past one year gave a rather miserly return of below 5%.
  • Mutual Fund watch: Birla Sun Life Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity has outperformed its category in the past five years.
  • Best Performing Stocks VIP Industries is among the top gainers in the last six months with return of over 46%.
  • Best banks to take loan from Are you scouting for a loan to buy a house, a car or for your child's education? Given below are the best deals on offer from public and private sector lenders.
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K. Sen
The markets have been hovering within a narrow range for many months now. As an equity investor, you are probably unsure of the next move. However, the silver lining is that the India story is still very much alive
Talk Back
Letters to the Editor
It is possibly true that Ulips have become more customer-friendly since the new norms came into effect in September 2010. However, as your figures suggest, there has been a sharp drop in Ulip sales, writes Sapan Kapoor from New Delhi.
Smart Spending
Best Driver’s Car
We give car enthusiasts their due and rate cars on how well they suit a driver, classified into six price categories. Here's the first part of the three-part series.
  • REVIEW: Gadgets in the market Sam Abraham introduces products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
  • How to save on tech expenses Technology comprises a substantial chunk ofbusiness costs. Saving on it could give small firms a little more capital to work with.
Pritam P Hans
For a Better Retired Life
Post offices, telecom companies, pension fund managers, FMCG firms and third-party corporate agents may soon offer products of the New Pension System if the recommendations of Bajpai committee are accepted.
  • Quote Unquote "Typically, in a rising interest rate scenario one should invest in debt assets with short tenures since assets with long-term maturities tend to lose out more," says Ganti Murthy, Head, Fixed Income, Peerless Mutual Fund.
  • RBI's fight against inflation continues You can expect another round of increase in bank lending and deposit rates when the RBI continues with its calibrated monetary tightening in its quarterly policy review on 26 July 2011.
  • Trivia and Telling Figures 51% of the countrys workforce is self-employed, while 15.5% are salaried employees and 33.5% are casual labourers, according to the 66th survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office.
  • Portability of health cover deferred Insurers are seeking more 'clarity' and time to implement the portability of health insurance and, therefore, the Irda has postponed the implementation by three months to 1 October.
  • HNI Club Swells India's population of high net worth individuals (HNIs) continued to grow, making it the world's 12th largest in 2010. In 2010, it grew at 20.8% to 153,000 from 126,700 in 2009.
  • Pay more for using non-bank ATMs From 1 July, savings bank account holders are allowed only five free transactions from ATMs of other banks, including cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and changing your secret identification number.
  • High salary most important for job hunters What are the most important factors one considers while accepting a new job offer? It seems Indian job seekers considered job security and higher salaries as key for taking a job.
  • Regulator Watch Recent rulings in banking, stocks, telecom sector that could affect you.

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