Money Today Archive August 2014 Issue

Edition: August 2014

Cover Story

Shoaib Zaman and Rahul Oberoi

Buying At A Discount

Ten bargain stocks you must invest in right now

Money Today brings you investing lessons from the world's greatest value investors such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and David Dreman and 10 stocks that pass the tough quality tests prescribed by investing legend John Neff.
Mutual Fund
Tanvi Varma/Money Today
Decoding the churn
According to Sebi data, banks are the top asset in portfolios of equity funds. A fall in interest rates and inflation may further encourage funds to add bank stocks.
Dipak Mondal/Money Today
Less taxing
The Budget proposes to raise the exemption limit by Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh for all individual tax payers below 60 years of age and Rs 3 lakh for those who are above 60 but below 80.
Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
'Indices must be of utility to investors'
Alka Banerjee, MD, Global Equity Indices Product Management, at S&P Dow Jones Indices aims to create new benchmarks for global equity markets and promoting their use among global clients.
Expert View
Vijay Bharech & Tapati Ghose
Vijay Bharech
Accepting the challenge of maintaining the fiscal deficit at 4.1% for the financial year 2014-15, a budgetary framework has been cast - amendments made on the personal tax front reflect the overall objective of fiscal prudence.
Your Wallet
Renu Yadav/Money Today
How the Budget impacts product prices
Like all preceding years, cigarettes and gutkhas are set to get more expensive. However, the Budget also delivered pleasant surprises by making some products cheaper.
Query Corner
Experts answer your personal finance queries
Money Today experts answer your personal finance queries, from tax to insurance to investments.
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K Sen/Money Today
In our cover story, we bring to you strategies adopted by some celebrated investors - Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, John Neff and David Dreman - to pick value stocks.
Talk Back
Letters to the Editor
Money Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -
Smart Spending
The Hot and the not so Happening tech products
We introduce new products to help you zero in on those that could offer value for money.
A look at recent rulings which can affect your investment
The government has floated the concept of payment banks and small banks to further the cause of financial inclusion.

  • Now invest in realty abroad via LRS facility The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed Indians to buy properties abroad under the Liberalised Remittances Scheme (LRS) facility.
  • SBI cuts short-term fixed deposit rates For seven to 60 days tenure, the interest rate has been reduced to 6.25%, while for tenure of 61 days to less than 1 year, the same has been reduced to 6.75%.
  • Companies Act puts curbs on gold savings schemes Gold savings schemes, which have been in the reckoning for sometime now considering the astounding returns offered by gold over the past decade, are facing closure after the Companies Act came into force from 1 April 2014.
  • New home loans may get cheaper Banks with a higher share of long-term infrastructure loans and mortgage loans stand to benefit the most as the new norms would allow them to lower interest rates for such loans without compromising on spreads.

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