Money Today Archive August 7, 2008 Issue

Edition: August 7, 2008

Cover Story

What if you have special needs children

Invest to ensure a large inheritance.
Mutual Fund
Priya Kapoor
A few mutual funds are offering the unique benefit of insurance for SIP investments. If an investor dies, the mutual fund pays the remaining instalments.
  • Banking on long-term growth Money Today—plexus Management new fund evaluation comments that currently, it might seem like a tough decision to invest in the banking and financial services sector, but it is rife with opportunities.
  • 'Focus on asset allocation' In volatile times like these, it is a must to focus on asset allocation. Review investments regularly to ensure they are in tune with their financial goals even under changed market conditions.
You need to file return on your actual income, including income from other sources.
My Story
Rajshree Kukreti
Bengaluru-based ad man S R Magar’s passion for art found expression in Magnitude Gallery, an enterprise that employs its own artists to create customised paintings for select clients.
Virtually unlimited storage space, exclusive invitations to sign up, the power of Google search... But are you making optimum use of your Gmail account? Here’s a look at some of the more interesting options. Scan the Gmail page carefully and you’ll find many more...
Rakesh Rai
Individual investors are easy prey to fly-by-night operators or companies that are struck off the stock exchanges. Here’s what you can do to safeguard your stock.
  • Zandu Pharma performs well The Smallcap index has shed half its value in the past six months, and the blue-chip sensitive index contained losses to a third of its value.
Sushmita Choudhury
Renting a private island or taking a Ferrari trip may be dream holidays for the uber-rich. But with a travel loan and smart planning, you too could break into the luxury travel club.
Though there is a definite slowdown in the property market across the country, the extent of the downturn is not uniform, governed as it is by local conditions. We conducted a survey across 16 cities to know the status on the ground. Pick your city to know what lies ahead in real estate.
Portfolio Doctor
Mumbai-based Jiya Yadav and Nagpur-based Sanjay Kumar have very different investment strategies.Yet, their portfolios suffer from common financial flaws.
Query Corner
Mutual funds are more tax efficient than most other forms of investment. The tax rate is determined by the type of mutual fund and the tenure of investment.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Good advice isn’t always adequate advice. This is most evident in personal finance. For a magazine, covering the gap between good advice and adequate advice isn’t easy. It requires in-depth knowledge, skill, ability, and confidence to stick its neck out and make some bold projections.
Talk Back
Everyone is concerned about inflation but few understand its real impact. For instance, though people know they spend more, not many realise how much more.
The stock market may be an unpredictable place, but this is one reversal of fortune that is too sudden even for those who did not blink at Dalal Street’s crazy plunge.
Now and Then
Depending on how you look at it, the education of your child is both an investment and an expenditure. The sharp rise in its cost underlines the need to include this future expense in your financial planning.

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