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Mutual Fund
In this edition of 'NFO resune', Prasunjit Mukherjee, CEO, Plexus Management evaluates the HSBC Dynamic Fund.

Premium paid for any life insurance plan is eligible for deduction from gross total income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

My Story
By Rakesh Rai
Suresh Sherawat, 48, risked his savings for a new career. Here's what he did.
The iPhone is several months away from the Indian shores, officially. Yet the wait has begun.
Construction and real estate stocks continue to be strong with a good monsoon.
  • Revenue to flow in for Idea, Tata Motors Money Today scans through dozens of research reports from investment houses every fortnight to present you the six most relevant stock recommendations and a sector analysis.
  • The advantages of taking risks We explain the 22 stocks that consist of Wealth Zoom, the more aggresive of the two portfolios we had made.
By Sanjeev Sinha
There are many life insurance policies targeted at women. But unless they offer specific benefits, they may not be the best option for you.
Real Estate
Surat's proximity to Mumbai, Ahmedabad fuels demand for residential and commercial property here.
  • Rentals on high tide Surging demand is pushing up rents in cities. But investing in a home for renting remains unviable because rental yields are still below the borrowing costs.
By Sushmita Choudhury
Armchair banking goes a level higher with the increasing acceptance of the Electronic Clearance System in India.
Financial Planning
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Here we present a compilation of 10 common and simple, though costly, mistakes that every earning individual should relate to.
By Sushmita Choudhury
If you crave flexibility and convenience, prepaid flight coupons may be a manna from heaven for you.
Your Wallet
Are you spending too much on your printer cartridges? Start using refilled inkjet printer cartridges and see your savings rise. This switch can help you save up to Rs 2.7 lakh over 25 years. Here's how.
  • Easy EMIs for laptop EMI is a better indicator of affordability than the MRP. Here we present a new way to compute affordability.
There are no high-risk or low-risk investors — there are only high-risk or low-risk investments.
Portfolio Doctor
Bangalore-based Vaishali and Gitesh Butalia have a well-diversified portfolio. But they must up the ante in equity investments to maximise returns.
Nancy Garrison Jenn’s guide for organisations and individuals seeking headhunters is relevant in India too, says Rajshree Kukreti.
Query Corner
ETFs can be traded at any time during trading hours. Equity fund and index fund transactions are recorded at the end of the day.
This snapshot of the rupee's performance may aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
We all know there is nothing like doing a job that you love to do—rather than one that you have to. But we all think only the luckiest among us get to do what we really like, and earn good money from it too.
There are talks of setting up registered trusts, which will have a PAN and members can invest through that single PAN.

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