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Mutual Fund
Money Today-Plexus Management new fund evaluation brings to you at the analysis of Tata Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund.
  • Five fund myths It is easy, even for an intelligent investor, to be taken in by the hype surrounding a mutual fund scheme.
There is no provision in the Income Tax Act for any concession on education fee reimbursement given by an employer. Hence, your education reimbursement will be fully taxable.
Brinda Vasudevan
If travel travails like getting lost or losing touch have kept you from exploring the uncharted havens, take the tech route.
Consumer and pharmaceutical companies have outperformed the broader markets in the past year.
  • The worst is yet to come The third quarter of 2008-09 has been one of the weakest in recent times, but profits could decline further.
  • Ready to rely on 'four' sight Dipen Sheth responds to the readers' suggestions and lists four stocks for Safe Wealth. These are likely to boost not just the model portfolio, but also India's economy.
Making a claim on a life cover need not be a daunting process for women. Here's how.
Rakesh Rai
With job security at an all time low and cost of living at the top of the scale, being frugal is not merely prudent, but essential, points out financial expert and author Gail Perry.
  • The god of small things Less can be more when it comes to spending. This is the mantra advocated by the guru of personal finance to tackle the current economic chaos, says Namrata Dadwal.
Query Corner
The Provident Fund is your retirement cushion. Borrowing from it to fund your current expenses and investment goals can do more harm than good. Here are five reasons why you should not dip into your nest egg earlier.
Money Today Basics
We have compiled a list of posers that you must forward to your travel facilitator before you reach for your credit card.
The average age of Indians is on the rise mostly because of the better economic status and healthcare facilities that have emerged over the years.
  • Promoter holdings In the wake of the Satyam fiasco, investors have begun to be concerned about promoter holdings. We looked at the change in the holdings between 31 Dec 2007 and 31 Dec 2008 of 252 companies from the BSE 500 universe.
  • Assume less, invest more Here we look at exceptional situations, where conventional financial wisdom is turned on its head.
Editors Note
Alam Srinivas
In this issue, as in the previous one, we have investigated how some corporate promoters work against the interests of the minority shareholders.
Talk Back
It is the auditors' duty to verify the authenticity of information. Through due diligence, one can easily identify forged documents, if any.
Narayan Krishnamurthy
India's sheen may have dulled a bit, but when it comes to employment, Indians are optimistic about job security in 2009.
My Idea
Kamya Jaiswal
Abhishek R. Goyal, 29, has found a lucrative vent for his creativity in wood. His Mumbai-based outfit, Panchatatva, uses natural products to offer customised gift options for corporates and individuals.

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