Money Today Archive February 22, 2007 Issue

Edition: February 22, 2007

Cover Story

By Kamya Jaiswal

Cash them young

Youth today are richer than ever before. But they have to learn to invest. MONEY TODAY explains how to go about it.
Mutual Fund
By Tejas Bhope
If you can’t afford customised asset allocation, you can still plan investments across asset classes via convenient and cost-efficient funds of funds.
  • Readymade yet flexible financial plans If you can’t afford customised asset allocation, you can still plan investments across asset classes via convenient and cost-efficient funds of funds
The tax rate on short-term capital gains on sale of shares will depend on whether the shares are sold through a recognised stock exchange or otherwise.
My Story
Kanishk Sharma’s choice of martial arts as a career has been profitable.As a child,  he  used to watch a lot of  Bruce Lee films and in 1987 enrolled in a karate class in Delhi.
By Sharadh Manian
Microsoft launched its new operating system Vista on 30 January 2007. MONEY TODAY deciphers what the much talked about operating system offers.
Sudhir Gore and Narayan Krishnamurthy with Rajshree Kukreti
Rising inflation. It means the value of your income—as well as your investments— is sliding. Money Today tells you how to contain the damage.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Branded the worst of insurance and mutual funds, Ulip is not as bad as it is made out to be.
New Business
By Sharadh Manian
Spotting a business avenue when their company restructured, Ravi Pai and Nachiket Urdhwareshe started their own software shop.
Expert View
Dipen Sheth
High-quality management, in favourable business conditions, almost inevitably delivers terrific returns.
  • Making time a faithful ally In today's world of  Globalisation, most of the youngsters are unaware of many finance related terms.
  • Start early, stay on course

    It is really very essential to take right moves at the right time to achieve success and to fulfill our dreams.

  • Dream, Plan & Act There are three important steps to become a successful entrepreneur.These are: Dream, Plan and Act. 
Financial Planning
By Kamya Jaiswal
“Divorces are made in heaven”, or so believed Oscar Wilde. But while they might be ordained, the actual mess is created on earth. In addition to the emotional trauma, there are financial aspects to be considered too
Small Fortune
Is your power bill burning a hole in your pocket? The simple habit can make you save upto Rs 1.85 lakh. Read on to know how. 
Confused by the computation in your pay package? Money Today clears the air to tell you how to negotiate a salary structure to minimise your tax liability and maximise your take home salary.
Jayant R. Pai, vice-president, Institutional Equity Sales, Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services, takes a look into a Buffett book, co-authored by his estranged daughter-in-law, that provides an insight on how the master investor selects his stocks.
Editors Note
In the cover story for this issue, MONEY TODAY set out to explore intelligent investing among the country’s new prosperous youth.
Talk Back
Service tax is a major cause of concern. Services under this tax may boost the revenue of the government but certain categories should be exempted from its purview.
Fixed Returns: The most basic economic law says that prices rise when demand exceeds supply.

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