Money Today Archive February 8, 2007 Issue

Edition: February 8, 2007

Cover Story

How long will the party last?

In a market that shoots first and asks questions later, the mere mention of some property in a remote place sends the stock soaring.
Mutual Fund
By Babar Zaidi
The calculation of returns from systematic investment plans reveals some of the most rewarding opportunities.
When should you invest? How much tax you need to pay? MONEY TODAY answers all these and many other questions here. Read on.
My Story
Here's the story of how physics teacher Farhan Mujib left college to take up collage.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Term insurance offers no-frills, low-premium life cover. Find out the one right for you.
Real Estate
MONEY TODAY looks at real estate market in different cities across India. This time it is Mumbai, the country's commercial capital which possibly has the costliest real estate in the world.
By Rajshree Kukreti
Your company did well and you too expect a reward wrapped up in the increment letter. But did your performance match the company’s expectations? This quiz will dispel all doubt.
Expert View
Santhosh Kumar
Residential development in metros is likely to continue an upward growth albeit at varying growth rates.
  • Hometown options For buyers looking at evaluating options, they should see what they can afford and then work out their options.
  • The home as a consumer product Why are stock markets suddenly waking up to the real estate sector? It's more about housing than commercial real estate.
  • Future imperfect The real estate prices are not sustainable at these levels in the long term.
  • Survival of the small It is unlikely that even by 2015, India will see more than 2,500 hypermarkets and 6,000 supermarkets.
Your dream home is a purchase done with a lot of care. It involves multiple issues including price, locality, interiors and type of house.
By Sharadh Manian
Prolific writer and academic Lawrence A Cunningham uses his immense knowledge of the financial world to come out with an insightful book, says Sharadh Manian.
By Kamya Jaiswal
Discount stores offer the Indian consumer much more than the traditional kirana shops.
According to some estimates, the Indian art market is worth an annual Rs 1,125 crore. It is definitely of substantial size.

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