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Mutual Fund
MONEY TODAY and Value Research team up to analyse select new schemes being launched by fund houses.

As per Section 64(1), if you transfer an asset to a spouse, the income from it is included in the hands of the person making the transfer.

My Story
Tamanna Varma found her while taking a stroll.Being a young woman in the domain of finance she  had to walk the extra mile to prove her worth.
Three  of the top five in the ultra-short term debt category are new funds, which have done well.
  • Infotech Enterprises India has a market share of 12% of the offshore market of $10-15 billion. By 2020, Nasscom estimates that as much as 25-30% of the $150-225 billion market for offshore engineering services could belong to India, yielding $40 billion in annual revenues.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
To attract customers, insurance companies have customised travel insurance plans, making them more flexible and adding clauses that cover new risks and unique situations.
Every financial asset delivered terrific returns in 2006, for the third year running. Indian investors never had it so good. We take a quick look in the rearview mirror as we head into 2007.
  • Returns for the native NRI investment opportunities in India are myriad and rewarding.MONEYTODAY drew up a primer and invited a banker and a financial planner to provide their expert views.
Real Estate
By Rakesh Rai
If you haven’t switched on to the ever-expanding range of electrical switches, your home may be missing something. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer.
Expert View
Amar Pandit
It is ironic that foreign institutional investors have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Indian growth story rather than NRIs.
  • Career beyond boom and bust Companies can provide the framework and training to acquire skills but the initiative lies with the person on where he wants to take his career.
  • Making time a faithful ally Today the most salaried individuals are aware that they will have to save for their own comfortable retirement. But what they do not know is how much they will need and why time is their biggest advantage.
  • A gameplan for the future To begin financial planning, you need specific financial goals. At first these goals may seem unobtainable but continuing the planning process will enable you to evaluate these goals and modify whenever needed.
  • Rules of the game Markets have a mind of their own, and will  do things that don’t make sense given the available information on a company.
  • The India Opportunity The Indian economy has been growing rapidly and NRIs are keen to participate by seeking investment opportunities in the stock market, real estate and other sectors.
Financial Planning
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Indian middle class has seen an unprecedented prosperity surge in recent years. Along with pay cheques, aspirations have also spiralled.
Your Wallet

The rupee is slated nto climb further against the US dollar after the recent CRR hike by the RBI.

Portfolio Doctor
Consultant Ram Kumar has balanced his investments in disciplined fashion across three asset classes. He has a long-term perspective. But a greater degree of safety could be ensured with a few small changes in his methods.
Fidelity India's director business development Suraj Kaeley unravels the myth of “can’t miss” investment strategies from this serious investor’s toolkit book.
Editors Note
The first step to financial planning is financial literacy. And if you are waiting for a reason to begin, it is right in your hands.
Back to the future
By Babar Zaidi
Once the darling of investors, they fell from grace when the 2005 Budget scrapped the sub-limit for tax savings.
Talk Back
Trading in the stock market is risky but also immensely rewarding if one understands the basics before taking the plunge. The issue aimed at clearing the mist surrounding equities while offering advice on what’s hot and what’s not.
By Sushmita Choudhury
Suddenly the Zen looked more staid than stylish and began to lose ground. This time round, it’s planning to make up for the shortcomings of the old version.
  • Trend spotting Housing Glory
  • Taxing Burden If P. Chidambaram is beaming like Ali Baba, he has reason. He’s found the proverbial secret treasure (his revenue coffers are overflowing) and the magic code is “service tax”!

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