Money Today Archive January 1, 2017 Issue

Edition: January 1, 2017

Cover Story

By Teena Jain Kaushal

Given the low yields on gold, you stand to gain by shifting to financial assets

Given the low yields on gold, you stand to gain by shifting to financial assets

With government cracking down on the cash economy, it makes sense to invest in financial, and not physical, assets

By Tripti Kedia
Tightrope Walk

Stock markets to be under pressure for a few quarters, but buy now for decent gains in the long run

Real Estate
By Teena Jain Kaushal
Fresh Start for Realty

A slew of reform measures is not only expected to even out builder-buyer differences, but also build a better future.

Expert Speak
Nilesh Shah
7 key factors that will influence the market in 2017

"It is impossible to predict markets but foundation has been laid for strong corporate profitability"

  • What to Expect From the Bond Market in 2017

    "In the near term, it is likely that rates and bond yields will remain low"

  • Realty On Track

    "There might be liquidity concerns in the near term, but the long-term outlook for realty is positive"

  • Gold Outlook 2017

    "There are a lot of factors that will help predict the likely price trajectory of gold in 2017. Here's the lowdown"

  • Health Insurance 2.0 "Insurers are trying to reduce the gap between the medical spends in the country and what is covered under health insurance"
  • The Big Digital Push "Customers will benefit from higher-quality offerings in under-penetrated product segments like long-term savings and annuities"
By Teena Jain Kaushal
Tech Insurance

A host of digital initiatives promise to make your life easier in 2017.

By Renu Yadav
Expand to Grow

Why you should look beyond fixed deposits in the New Year.

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