Money Today Archive July 10, 2008 Issue

Edition: July 10, 2008

Cover Story

Keep it simple...

The S factor will make the income-tax laws more effective and possibly help in taking the economy ahead, says Amitabh Singh.
  • Got notice? Don't panic Mayur Desai tells you why you need not panic when you get a notice from the income tax department.
  • Missing July 31 It’s not the end of the world if you miss the deadline for filing returns, says Amit kumar Bherwani.
  • Arrears and advances If you get salary arrears or a bonus from a previous employer, the tax implications could be greater than you thought, writes Preeti Goel.
  • Taxes paid abroad Rajesh S examines the tax laws applicable to NRIs and those earning overseas.
  • What TDS means to you Surabhi Marwah explains the implications of tax deduction at source for the salaried employee.
  • Filling it correctly Filling your income tax return form correctly will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble later. Shalini Jain tells you how to do it.
Mutual Fund
Money Today and Plexus Management  evaluate ING Latin America Equity Fund which is an open-ended fund of funds equity.
  • Benchmark Split Capital performs well Sensing uncertain times ahead mutual funds are turning to defensive stocks like Dabur and Hindustan Unilever.
  • Ratios revisited When we carried "Four Ratios to Know", it was to inform you about the tools that fund managers use. We expected to receive a few responses from readers saying it was too complicated and could we address the lay investors, please. We did get those reactions-but they were in a minority.
  • 'Always invest through an SIP' Invest through a professional intermediary like a mutual fund. Never try to time the market. Always use a systematic investment plan. Invest through a product that best suits your risk appetite.
Till recently, the thought of filing tax returns was good enough to make a strong man weep, but gone are the days of handling a bunch of paper forms. Online filing has changed the way you look at tax returns.
Brinda Vasudevan
We conducted a straw poll among colleagues and friends to find out what they used their home computers for most of the time. Work, we fondly thought; but no. It's the entertainment aspect of a PC that seems to be the most coveted and appreciated.
BSE-Smallcap and Midcap indices were the worst hit, but they are recovering fast and have gained the most in the past quarter.
  • Do we need IPO grading? Rating of companies coming out with IPOs doesn't help investors because it doesn't focus on the issue price.
Portfolio Doctor
Amritsar-based Sham S. Goyal must construct a financial plan to maximise the returns from his income—and another one for the imminent hike in his income.
Babar Zaidi
A renowned financial consultant turns conventional wisdom on long-term stock investing on its head by recommending tools and strategies to time the market and maximise returns, says Babar Zaidi.
A snapshot of the rupee’s performance to aid you in making overseas investment and travel decisions.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Portfolio Doctor has been our most popular and rewarding section. We have been inundated with requests from readers willing to be featured and share their most intimate financial details. For us, this is a source of pride and inspiration.
Talk Back
We are glad that you found the story useful. As you rightly point out, expensive medical facilities have made health insurance a necessary investment.
Now and Then
The prices of things you require post-construction to make your house liveable have also shot up. Here’s one such thing—teak wood.
My Idea
Priya Kapoor
Forced into jewellery designing, Geetika Nigam, 30, gave it up for her first love—animals. Today, she runs a popular Gurgaon-based pet grooming agency that offers to primp your dog in the comfort of your home.

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