Money Today Archive July 12, 2007 Issue

Edition: July 12, 2007

Cover Story

By Narayan Krishnamurthy and Sameer Bhardwaj

Choose your cap

A pick of small-cap and mid-cap stocks can put zing into your equity portfolio. Surprisingly, they are also less volatile than large-cap stocks.
In this MT Issue
By Sameer Bhardwaj and Narayan Krishnamurthy
Here is a simplified explanation of the tools you can use to judge when volatility will work in an investor’s favour to generate higher returns.
  • Bet on reborns and newborns Few investors are willing to put their money in companies that are doing badly or in new-fangled business ideas. But such investments can be very rewarding.
  • Money today wealth tomorrow MONEY TODAY partners with Dipen Sheth of Wealth Management Advisory Services to create model stock portfolios. The portfolios will be regularly tracked in the magazine for readers to learn, debate and, perhaps, earn from.
Mutual Fund
By Prasunjeet Mukherjee
Reliance is likely to collect a huge amount through its equity advantage fund. The high market is not deterrent as it would have the luxury of time to invest the corpus.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
The process of filing returns is painful. But online options promise to change things.
My Story
By Rajshree Kukreti
Adhishwar Puri realises the huge popularity of topiaries — the art of pruning bushes and shrubs to take animal shapes.
By Namrata Dadwal
How many features should your next phone have? Here are five things we recommend.
Construction and real estate stocks form a large chunk of high performers. There is a clear bias in favour of large market cap.
Sector Scenario
SSKI is bullish on the construction sector given the large number of infrastructure projects in the pipeline.
Expert View
Sharmeen Khalid
A willingness to take up challenges and immense self-confidence are prerequisites while moving to a more demanding career.
  • Investing at the peak Four years into the longest bull run of the Indian stock markets, investors are worried. Here are six things to keep in mind while investing.
By Sushmita Choudhury
Senior citizens are fast becoming a force to reckon with in the travel industry.
Your Wallet
Most people live within their credit limits, not income limits. EMI is a better indicator of affordability than the MRP. MONEY TODAY presents a new way to compute affordability.
  • Luxury for less To get a hot deal for a luxe set of wheels, the best place to shop might be the used car lot where yearold vehicles sell 25-30% cheaper than the original.
A number of factors, ranging from company performance to policy changes, events, even rumours influence why people buy or sell stocks. But most of the time the strength or weakness of the stock market correlates to that of the economy and politics.
Portfolio Doctor
Ahmedabad-based Alok Kumar saves intelligently but must leverage the advantage of being an early investor to maximise returns.
Arguably the most comprehensive and insightful look on financial analysis and value investing, Devangshu Datta finds this revised edition of Graham and Dodd masterpiece a must have for all serious investors.
Query Corner

This is a new interactive section for investors. Do you have a query regarding your investments? Write to us and we will give a detailed answer.

Is your car fuel bill burning a hole in your pocket? Consider adding LPG as a fuel option to prune your bill and boost your savings.
  • Your world This snapshot of the rupee’s performance may aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Editors Note
Among all professions, the divide between preaching and practising is the greatest in journalism. It’s not because we are experts at living a life of double standards; it’s the demand of our profession.

Every month, the insurance companies receive a steady inflow from Ulip collections. Every month, they invest those sums systematically across the stock market. That gives the Ulip an edge in terms of lower average costs.

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