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Cover Story

The best policy for life

What do you want from your insurance policy? Life cover? Savings? Tax benefits? Or all of these? The core objective of an insurance policy is to cover the risk of death.
  • Netting a policy Aggregator sites help you compare and shortlist plans across insurers. Here's a list of the more popular online players.
  • "Insurance is for the long term, so don't exit before five years" S.B. Mathur, Secretary-General, Life Insurance Council, speaks about the need for greater customer vigilance and importance of insurance agents.
  • An emerging product Universal Life Insurance, a new product in india, is an ideal long-term investment that comes with interesting riders.
  • Selling change Changing lifestyles and investor attitudes, and improving technology have drastically altered the modes of selling life insurance in India.
  • Man woman and child In an era of constantly evolving needs, parents are prone to rejecting plain vanilla plans that focus only on education and profession.
  • Before you invest If you are window-shopping for a Ulip, here are some of the essentials you should consider.
  • The cost factor Mutual funds cost the investor a higher commission over the long term, compared with ulips, which are expensive in the short term.
  • "All Ulips are safe and will be supervised by Irda" A. Giridhar, Executive Director (Admin), Irda, spoke to Money Today about investing in Ulips and the recent developments.
  • Cheaper and better New rules promise to rid the Ulips of some of their flaws. Here's what it means for the investor.
  • Good in small doses Though popular with investors, traditional plans have limited utility and should not be your only source of insurance.
  • Under the cover Kartik Jhaveri examines the flaws in Ulips, the most popular insurance product, and the steps the regulator should take to remove them.
  • Insurers on sale Gaurav Dua analyses the insurance sector, which is poised for growth in India and offers good investing opportunities.
  • Protected at every stage Chief Actuary at Kotak Life Insurance explains why it is important to customise life insurance to meet different requirements at every stage of life. It is essential to keep track of the changes in your income, responsibilities and number of dependants to ensure adequate coverage at all times.
Mutual Fund
Babar Zaidi
Vijai Mantri, CEO and MD of Pramerica Mutual Fund, the latest entrant in the mutual fund business, spoke to Babar Zaidi on the challenges facing the industry, investors and the market.
Babar Zaidi
The tax return deadline is around the corner. Here's how to cut through the clutter and file your return with ease.
  • Why aren't you e-Filing? Money Today debunks the myths that are keeping people from using this easy, efficient and eco-friendly mode of filing tax returns.
Kamya Jaiswal
Kamya Jaiswal decides to sell a stock after research reveals that the company has no effective plans to counter competition.
  • Value of price Here are the factors that affect the price or premium of an option and are crucial to a trader's success in the futures and options market.
  • Is it safe to bet on metals? Though metal stocks have been resurgent, their inherent volatility makes them a risky investment currently.
  • What does the instability mean? With the markets facing pressure, the Nifty may fall to sub-4,800 levels, offering a negative outlook for the short and the long term.
Stock investing is not for everyone. You should enter only if you can withstand the gut-wrenching feeling that comes with the ups and downs in the markets. Take this short quiz to find out if you are mentally suited to dabbling in equities.
Riju Dave Mehta
Conor Woodman stops providentially short of being the proverbial Jack. He trades relentlessly, but escapes the unflattering epithet because he masters a few.
  • The school of logic Pick the book to identify how your investing logic may be cheating you and beat the biases that mar sound decision-making.
We consider the impact of the likely changes on your earnings and investments after the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) comes into effect from 1 April 2011.
Editors Note
Rakesh Rai
When the first draft of the Direct Taxes Code was released in August last year, it promised to make laws more rule-based than exception-based, bringing some stability to tax rates.
Talk Back
This refers to the story on health insurance (The Healthy Approach, June 2010). Can an agent be held legally responsible for withholding information or promising benefits not assured by the policy?
Smart Spending
In this series we review recently launched products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.
  • Exchange offer Meal and gift vouchers offer benefits like tax exemption to employees, but given their inherent limitations, do they make for a good option?
Last Word
The income-tax authorities gun for individual defaulters even as corporates devise ways to circumvent the system and escape lightly.
Babar Zaidi
The revised discussion paper on the Direct Taxes Code has removed some of the thorny provisions in the original draft and clarified the tax treatment of existing investments.
  • Getting the gilt edge The Euro crisis and unabated inflation (9.59 per cent in April) have made investors rush to buy the safety that gold provides.
  • Investors to have a bigger share One would expect a 'public' company to have at least the stipulated number of public shareholders. However, a large number of such companies don't have the required 10 per cent of such shareholders.

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