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Edition: July 2012

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Chandralekha Mukerji

Seeking New Company

When switching health insurance policies

In October 2011, websites of health insurers flashed the new portability menu that promised customers the moon. Take a look at the impediments and things that must be kept in mind while porting health insurance policies.
Mutual Fund
Persisting negative sentiments in domestic equity markets have impacted long-term performance of diversified equity funds with average 5-year return being below 5 per cent.
Pritam P Hans
The Digital Route
E-filing of income-tax returns has become mandatory for some taxpayers as the tax department tries to modernise.
  • Your financial queries answered Money Today experts answer your personal finance queries related to any sector - banking, insurance, investment, tax, or loans.
  • The family route to save income tax If you are resorting to roundabout ways to save tax, be careful not to rub the law the wrong way. The government has upped the ante against transactions intended at avoiding tax.
Pritam P Hans
Be an Idle Earner
You don't need to work round the year for a regular income. Learn how to get paid repeatedly for a one-time effort. With a bit of creative thinking, you can set up online properties and businesses that bring a regular flow of income with minimal effort.
Devashish Chakravarty
The sluggish economy and the conservative reaction by firms make for a challenging time. Treat this new environment as a chance to enhance your skills by handling increasingly challenging roles or acquiring new skills.
Ensuring a Cool Drive
Auto Bild gives you a checklist to make travelling in the summer easier, especially covering long distances.
Editors Note
While Irda Chairman J Hari Narayan says health insurance portability is working fine, things might not be all that smooth should you want to shift to a new insurer.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Platinum can be a good portfolio diversifier
When we think about investing in precious metals, how often do we look beyond gold and silver? Not very, one would say. Platinum, say experts, can be a good portfolio diversifier.
Talk Back
Money Today readers write back to the Editor with their feedback on the magazine's coverage of key sectors of personal finance.
Smart Spending
The Hot & the not so Happening
Sam Abraham introduces new products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
Stay Invested in Debt Options
The Reserve Bank of India's decision to hold the rate cuts for the time being may not bring the much-needed respite to retail borrowers, but investors in fixed-income instruments can take advantage.

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