Money Today Archive July 30, 2017 Issue

Edition: July 30, 2017

Cover Story

By Renu Yadav

Locking in gains

Locking in gains

How to protect your profits in this stock market

By Tanvi Varma
Why equity-linked saving schemes make more sense than regular equity funds

Equity-linked saving schemes have outshone the regular, diversified equity funds over the past few years

Real Estate
By Renu Yadav
The HRA Puzzle
It is easy to claim HRA exemption. One has to just submit rent receipts to the company. But if your claim comes under scrutiny, you will need proper proofs. It is important that you understand HRA deduction rules.
Expert Speak
Renu Yadav

In spite of the current stock market rally, the focus is still on quality and the entire market will not start flying all at once

Priyadarshini Maji
Cancer Cover

Why it makes sense to buy a separate cover for this dreaded disease

Priyadarshini Maji
Here’s a financial guide for couples in mid-thirties with income of Rs 2.5 lakh per month

The Gupta family must provide for contingencies and take planned risks to build wealth, says financial planner Suresh Sadagopan

Mutual Funds
Money Today Team
In equities, funds of smaller AMCs seem to be doing much better, while in debt funds, dynamic bond funds are holding their own

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