Money Today Archive Jun, 26, 2008 Issue

Edition: Jun, 26, 2008

Cover Story

Hassle-free settlements

With the entry of third-party administrators, settlement of health claims is much easier than before, although there are always exceptions that make it to the news.
Mutual Fund
In the past six months balanced equity funds have been hit by high equity exposure.
  • 'Don't go by price of NFOs' Invest in good funds and stocks for the long term. In case of new fund offerings, don’t go by their price or by what your agent tells you. Do your own research.
Money received through a claim under a medical policy is a reimbursement of expenditure, it is not taxable.
We tie up with Trisys research to identify stocks that aren’t in the limelight, but have high returns potential .
  • Metal stocks perform well The rise in commodity prices has helped metal stocks to post the highest returns in the past year.
  • Crude way to shock markets Leaving the two portfolios unchanged, Dipen Sheth reflects how and why better governance would have helped us bear the oil shock better.
Shruti Kohli
India’s oldest mutual fund scheme ended on May 31. We go down memory lane to track the fund’s chequered 44-year run.
Real Estate
Rakesh Rai
The concept behind green houses is to follow the three ‘R’s—reduce, reuse and recycle all possible resources.
Expert View
V Ramakrishna
While the beneficiary of any health cover is always an individual, a group cheque ensures a red-carpet treatment.
  • Plan for a health cover The absence of medical coverage can cripple other protection products and undermine retirement plans, even affect the life insurance policies.
  • Eco-friendly investing Given technological and regulatory uncertainties for the green sector, invest small amounts and gradually increase your exposure. Monitor closely and exit if things go wrong.
  • Brokering an opportunity JRG Securities serves the bottom of India’s financial pyramid. What better place to start than Kerala, which is an extension of West Asia on the financial parameter and the developed West when you consider literacy.
You’ve read how environment-friendly living is wallet friendly too . But the upfront costs of a ‘green’ lifestyle can discourage you from adopting it.
Portfolio Doctor
Kurnool-based Ramesh Babu G must streamline equity investments and thoroughly research financial instruments before investing in them.
Query Corner
In most cases it is better to invest directly in a mutual fund than to do so through a broker. Every time you invest in an equity mutual fund you pay an entry load of between 2% and 2.5% of the invested amount.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
On 'MT Blog', readers are not only debating and learning, but are now telling us as much as we tell them.
Talk Back
The first thing to do is get in touch with your bank, which makes it easier to prove the card’s unauthorised use. The bank can take up the case with the individual merchant establishments and if the matter is not resolved in 30 days.
Pondering whether the recent fuel price hike was really necessary or cursing the government for hitting our pockets when inflation is already running high is an exercise in futility.
Now and Then
The drive from home to office may have become costlier, but the flight to London (or anywhere else in the world) is now cheaper.
My Idea
Rajshree Kukreti
In addition to running his software company, Sandeep Bansal, 35, wanted to open a restaurant. He finally hit upon the idea of home delivering sushi, a Japanese delicacy, to connoisseurs in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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