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Dipen Sheth
While our fund manager regrets being overly cautious, he explains why the steep rise in the stock market is not tempting him enough to hoard up on more stocks.
Entrepreneurs can insure themselves against high risks and huge losses at very low premiums.
Real Estate
Rakesh Rai
You can get a good price for a prime property if you buy during an auction. However, make sure you do your homework before bidding.
New Business
R. Sree Ram
In developing software for corporates, Rajesh Varrier ran into reams of daunting data. He tapped the tedium of analysing it, and with six partners, rolled out activecubes.
Expert View
Dipen Sheth
The Congress-led coalition has been elected to govern the country, not to please the stock market.
Sushmita Choudhury
The author offers tips for investors to survive the post-modern Dark Ages that he proclaims is the future.
Query Corner
One should invest in diversified equity funds or balanced funds.
Though life insurance is cheaper at a younger age, don't buy a long-term policy if you are very young.
  • Staff speak The Kelly Global Workforce Index Survey 2009 highlights the importance of continued training and skill development. Here are the relevant portions.
Editors Note
Alam Srinivas
Fundamentals of the Indian economy aren’t likely to change much in the near future, and expectations have already had their impact on the Sensex.
Talk Back
Most wills are challenged on two grounds — that the document is forged or that the testator made it under duress or in an unstable mental state.
The new government may have come with a reforms mandate, but it has its work cut out as far as the financial sector changes are concerned.
My Idea
Namrata Dadwal
The need for timely medical help led five friends to set up Dial 1298 for Ambulance, an emergency service.
Smart Spending
Priya Kapoor and Rakesh Rai
Buying used products can lead to big savings. But you also need to be more cautious.

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