Money Today Archive June 12, 2008 Issue

Edition: June 12, 2008

Cover Story

Narayan Krishnamurthy

Are institutions at fault as well?

Commissions are structured in such a way as to promote instances of mis-selling. Here are key incentive rates and some expert opinions.
Mutual Fund
Dhawal Dalal
Don’t have a bias towards a particular asset class. Diversify and have goals around which financial plans are structured, and monitor them regularly.
  • UTI's Ulip plan performs well UTI’s Ulip plan commands huge investor confidence with its AUM substantially more than the other funds.
  • The ABC of funds Here's presenting the first of a 26-part series on mutual fund investing. If you're a new investor, use this series as stepping stones. If you've already started investing, this could show if you're on the right track.
Harpreet Singh
We take a look at some of the most common batteries available—and also see if there’s any way in which you can actually get more life out of these cells.
We tie up with Trisys Research to identify stocks that aren't in the limelight, but have the potential to give high returns.
  • Waking up to China It’s a collective failure on the part of investment managers of India that they have been painfully slow to offer investment options in China and other Asian countries.
  • Getting ready for a rainy day In a dramatic move to reduce risk, Dipen decides to sell off a big chunk of the holdings of the two portfolios and sit on cash till the weather clears.
  • Metal stocks perform well Exploration and metal stocks are in demand, with many of them among top performers.
Here are 20 key questions across four financial products that brokers should be asking you.
Portfolio Doctor
Delhi-based Jasneet Bindra has managed her investments well. Now she must invest in equities regularly to make the best use of a high risk appetite.
Sushmita Choudhury
More than 65 of America’s most successful investors share their moneymaking formulas in this debut venture by Liz Claman.
Query Corner
As the sole earning member in your family, you need a good life insurance cover.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Almost every Indian investor has made at least one investment that he does not need. These are investors unable to distinguish an enthusiastic salesperson from an unscrupulous one.
Talk Back
In May 29 issue, we had done an article—‘Gleaming Options ’—on the different modes of investing in gold.
When it comes to money, the two key roles we all have to play at some point or the other is that of a customer and an investor.
Now and Then
There are products that keep getting cheaper and better. But nothing beats personal computers in delivering the twin benefits of falling prices and rising quality year after year.
My Idea
Narayan Krishnamurthy
Ideas that are unique—in concept or execution—can create or add to your income. For Delhi-based Shalini Verma, indulging her passion for art and fixing clocks to her paintings has been a lucrative venture.

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