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Untapped funds

Mutual funds have existed for more than two decades and are considered a safe way to invest in the stock markets. Yet, most people are reluctant to opt for them. Here are some other findings of the Mutual Fund Investments Report by Boston Analytics, which surveyed over 9,000 respondents across 15 Indian cities.
  • Good times will roll on Invest in multiple themes, such as consumption, asset creation, financial inclusion and technology.
  • Streamling fund selection Unlike the markets in the developed nations, the Indian equity market offers opportunities for generating alpha and beating benchmarks.
  • Trumping bank deposits Debt funds have some obvious advantages over bank deposits, the most important being higher tax efficiency.
  • ETFs: The best of both worlds Exchange-traded funds combine the advantages of index funds and stocks. they are liquid and can be traded in any quantity, just like stocks.
  • The fund route to assets Through mutual funds, we can invest in equity, debt, bullion or in a combination of these. One can also get the benefit of expert advice.
  • Ensuring corporate governance Disapproval of a company's actions by institutional investors results in loss of investor confidence and, thereby, acts as a deterrent.
  • Black holes that gobbled up Rs 7,000 crore As many as 36 underperforming funds have earned less than a savings bank account in the past three years. If you own such lemons, it's time to get rid of them.
  • Are you aware of your fund's risks? Mutual funds invest in a range of securities, each having its own risk profile. The fund manager's skills play an important role in balancing these risks. However, there are certain threats that are beyond his control.
  • Decoding the tables It is a comprehensive listing of 774 mutual funds across three broad categories and 17 sub-categories. The funds have been evaluated on various parameters, including returns, relative performance and the risks they carry.
  • Best mutual funds A comprehensive guide to the most promising mutual fund schemes across six major categories.
  • Investing for a lifetime We, at Money Today, have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Whether we are recommending a stock or giving advice on an insurance policy, choosing a mutual fund or charting a financial plan, it is our endeavour to give you actionable advice with specific takeaways.
  • A leaf from the book of the masters We explore the minds of four top fund managers to unravel their investment strategies and discover the rules that help them deliver consistently.
  • Why we should celebrate the tortoises These funds may not have churned out scintillating returns or made it to the list of best equity funds this year, but slowly and steadily they are building wealth for investors.
  • Beyond agents As agents discontinue their services due to lack of incentives, we list alternative ways to invest in mutual funds.
Kamya Jaiswal
Kamya Jaiswal considers if she should sell the three poor performers in her portfolio. Find out why she holds back two.
  • Correction: Window of opportunity The Nifty's slide is no reason to worry. In fact, it's time to scout for stocks that are bound to yield good returns in the medium term.
  • Paving the way for wealth An aggressive blueprint to improve infrastructure will boost the revenues of construction firms, making them an attractive pick for investors.
  • Growing faith Corporate India is buoyant as the fourth quarter results surpass expectations. Here's a look at the sectors that are spearheading the growth.
Babar Zaidi
To avoid picking an unsuitable medical insurance and ensuring a smooth claims process, scrutinise the features before buying the cover.
This new series on the Direct Taxes Code (DTC) will consider the impact of the likely changes that will come into effect from 1 April 2011.
Editors Note
The economy is out of the woods and the stock market is up, though a bit volatile. Even Warren Buffett is coming to India to scout for investment avenues.
Talk Back
There has been a lot of debate on the pricing of IPOs, with recent offerings inviting poor investor participation because their price bands were perceived to be too high.
Smart Spending
In this series we review recently launched products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.
Last Word
At the time of declaring results, many corporates resort to financial manipulation, or creative accounting, to present an impressive picture of their performance.
As the economy improves, investors are becoming more optimistic. Here are some findings of the J.P. Morgan Asset Management—ValueNotes Investor Confidence Index released in April.
  • Regulators squabble over jurisdiction While the much-hyped tug of war over Ulips between market regulator Sebi and insurance regulator Irda has ended up at the Supreme Court, more tussles involving other regulators are coming to light.
  • Regulator watch A look at the recent rulings that can affect you.
  • Flying on cheap wings 50 per cent lower air fares are being offered by LCCs on international routes compared with fullservice carriers.
  • Sectoral tax discounts The Finance Bill has proposed some amendments in Budget 2010-11 to provide marginal tax concessions to some sectors.
  • Covering the claims process In health insurance, most of the disputes between the insurer and insured arise at the time of settling claims.

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