Money Today Archive June 2011 Issue

Edition: June 2011

Cover Story

Dipak Mondal/Money Today

How to choose best mutual fund

We provide you insights on how to select mutual funds that would go on to beat the pack and the broad investment strategies to be adopted to generate higher returns.
  • Best way to build MF portfolio Don't switch your chosen funds or add schemes frequently, especially based on short-term performance.
  • Mutual fund managers share tips In this section, we feature fund managers who have managed to ride through good and bad market conditions with their right calls and timely decision making.
  • Invest in SIPs in volatile times Timing the market is not easy; hence a systematic investment plan (SIP) works as the best vehicle to ride through market volatilities.
  • 'Lack of investor interest worrying' H N Sinor, CEO, Association of Mutual Funds of India, tells Tanvi Varma that mutual funds should be viewed more as 'investment managers'.
  • Investors wary of MFs with small AUMs Many mutual fund schemes with small AUMs consistently outperform their benchmarks, but lack of investors' interest remains a worry.
  • A Matter Of Character The focus has been on irrelevant issues, such as size or minimum net worth, for the issuance of an AMC licence.
  • Tips for safer investment in funds Funds that adopt a guarded approach towards investing in equities show lesser volatility and are good bets for the risk-averse.
  • Investing in MFs? Index funds safest Index funds do not promise benchmark-beating returns, but their low-cost, low-risk fund management lends stability to your portfolio.
  • Invest in index funds for diverse portfolio Investing in index funds helps in achieving diversification with no additional cost or time spent on research.
  • Surfing The Numbers Invest in mutual funds for the longer term but do review the performance of the funds in which you have invested at least once a year.
  • Mutual Fund Listing The assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry was Rs 7,00,538 crore on 31 March 2011. Equity funds (diversified equity and tax-saving funds) accounted for Rs 1,95,323 crore, or 28%.
  • The Annual Report Card It has been a year since we introduced the Money Today- Value Research Lifestage Model Fund Portfolios in our June 2010 issue. They have endured all the ups and downs so far.
Real Estate
Pritam P Hans
Investing in realty? Check property rates
We surveyed four non-metro cities to gauge the trends in the local residential property markets and check whether these are good destinations for investing.
Devashish Chakravarty
A proper etiquette and attitude at the workplace is important to advance your career. Conveying the wrong message can stall a talented professional, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Query Corner
Query Corner
My father just retired at age 58. He is going to draw Rs 50,000 as pension per month and is likely to pick up a job that could pay him another Rs 50,000 per month. How should he go about investing this corpus to be financially secure, asks Hrishikesh Trivedi.
Bhushan Steel is among the top grossers in the last five years with an annualised return of 58%.
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K Sen/Money Today
The mutual fund industry has been wading through troubled waters ever since SEBI imposed a ban on entry load from 1 August 2009, writes Money Today Executive Editor Sarbajeet K Sen.
Tanvi Verma
Investment Specialist Bill Barbour
In an interview with Tanvi Varma, Bill Barbour, Investment Specialist, Deutsche Asset Management, talks about the commodities market in India.
Talk Back
The cover story on succession issues (Handing Over your Wealth Baton, May 2011) rightly points out that writing a will does not come naturally to many, says RAM DWIVEDI from Lucknow.
Pritam P Hans
Digital Insurance
Under recent guidelines by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, you can soon have all your policies stored safely in an electronic account.
  • Savings a/c to give better returns Though the rate hike will pinch your pocket, the RBI's decision to increase interest rate on savings bank deposits from 3.5% to 4% should come as a relief.
  • Quotes "A sytematic investment plan, or SIP, is an ideal way for retail investors benefit from the power of compounding and create wealth in the long term," says A Balasubramaniam, CEO, Birla Sun Life Asset Management.
  • What's Your Credit Score? Now you can get a credit score card to have an idea of whether your loan application will have the 'approved' stamp or not.
  • Trivia and Telling Figures Trivia for you: 64 lakh mobile subscribers have dumped their operators in the first five months after the launch of number portability.
  • In the Slow Lane Dampened by rising loan rates, raw material cost and fuel prices car sales during April increased at the slowest pace in nearly two years.
  • Now pay more via mobile phones You can make larger payments through your mobile phone as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised the limit from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000.
  • New rulings for making investments A look at the recent rulings from banking, commodities and markets sectors that can affect you.

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