Money Today Archive June 2012 Issue

Edition: June 2012

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Dipak Mondal/Money Today

Best Mutual Funds

India's best mutual funds

A good mutual fund scheme not only outperforms its benchmark when markets are rising but also minimises losses when the chips are down.
  • How your mutual fund is performing Money Today helps your find out how mutual funds are performing under different categories.
  • How we ranked India's best mutual funds Money Today brings to you a comprehensive mutual fund scorecard so that you can track the performance of your mutual fund scheme(s).
  • How takeovers affect your mutual fund investment Consolidation in the mutual fund industry seems inevitable. We weigh the options before you if your mutual fund is taken over by another.
  • Best fund for investing in foreign mkt If the persistent talk of policy paralysis, high inflation, rating downgrades, financial scams and earnings slowdown is forcing you to defer putting money in Indian equities, it is time to consider investing abroad by buying units of global funds. However, choosing the right fund is the key.
  • Best MFs: How fund managers strategise The past one year was a test of character for mutual fund managers. Money Today interviews some of country's finest whose funds are among the Top 10 in their respective categories.
  • How mutual fund managers work Fund managers are mutual fund industry's most celebrated figures. However, they work within the rules and processes laid down by the fund house and the mandate of schemes they manage.
Money Today experts answer financial queries of its readers related to banking, insurance, tax, investment and real estate.
Pritam P Hans
Be A Global Merchant
Using online marketplaces, exporters from India are expanding their wings across the world. Despite a tumultuous global economic scenario, e-commerce is growing rapidly.
Best Performing Stocks
Vakrangee Softwares is among the top gainers in the last six months with return of over 80 per cent.
Chandralekha Mukerji
Buyer Friendly Ulips
If you are net-savvy, the no-commission Ulips that are sold online are a good option for you. They are cheaper and have the potential to earn higher returns.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Should one invest in farm commodities?
Farm commodities that touched record highs this year may continue their dream run.
Real Estate
Pritam P Hans
Dealing with Tricks
Before you can call a place home, you have to tread a long road that involves detailed planning and years of savings. A good real estate agent is all it takes to make the journey smooth. For this, it is important that the selection is done carefully.
Devashish Chakravarty
Going on Leave
Being on leave does not relieve you of your responsibilities. Plan well for an uninterrupted break.
Editors Note
There appears to be growing turbulence under the apparent calm of the mutual fund industry. What could be the trigger for such unrest? Ask any industry expert and the blame will squarely be placed on the continued ban on entry load.
Talk Back
Money Today readers write in to the Editor with their feedback.
Smart Spending
The Hot & The Not So Happening
Sam Abraham introduces new products and services to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
  • How to best manage your savings While many people spend most of their time and energy on earning more, they should note that without learning the art of spending they may not be able to create a promising future.
Slipping into a Free Fall
The weakness in the rupee is likely to continue due to strengthening of the dollar against major currencies such as the euro. According to market experts, the government should take some immediate steps to control the fall of rupee against the dollar.
  • Now, shifting bank account becomes easier Did you recently move from one city to another? Now, you can get your bank account transferred to a nearby branch in the new city while retaining your account number.
  • Speculation in agri-commodities under lens The Forward Markets Commission has introduced a staggered delivery option where the seller can deliver certain commodities within 15 days from the fifth day of delivery month starting from June expiry.
  • When the govt played roll back The government has rolled back the proposed tax deducted at source levy on sale of immovable properties (other than agricultural land).
  • Regulator Watch A look at recent rulings from the banking, insurance and capital markets sector that can affect you.

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