Money Today Archive June 2013 Issue

Edition: June 2013

Cover Story

Dipak Mondal & Tanvi Varma

The Wealth Creators

And the most efficient wealth creators of FY13 are...

Mutual funds have changed the way Indians invest. Money Today looks at how they performed in 2012-13.
Kotak Mutual Fund CEO Sandesh Kirkire
Kotak Mutual Fund CEO Sandesh Kirkire says the idea behind employing asset allocation as an investment strategy through mutual funds, evolves from the fact that various asset classes behave differently, and have disparate influencing factors at any given point of time.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Pooling it Wisely
The savings tool continue to find favour with financial advisors. The catch: A lot depends on promoters following the strict rules that have been laid down for them.
Editors Note
The mutual fund industry has witnessed a sea change over the past two decades. The regulatory framework under which the industry operates has been upgraded and tightened, writes Executive Editor Sarbajeet K Sen.
Talk Back
Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's personal finance coverage -
Smart Spending
Nidhi Singal
The Easy Eight
Slowly, but surely, the tablet is becoming the primary personal computing device for millions of people the world over. Here are a few affordable options.
Team Money Today
Above the Price Line
Though the instrument is aimed at preventing inflation from eating into the returns from investments, the protection may be partial.

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