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Renu Yadav & Tanvi Varma

Mutual Benefit

How different mutual fund schemes performed in 2013-14

Money Today thought the current market swings are a good time to revisit the basics of mutual fund investing, lessons that have stood their followers in good stead over any number of market ups and downs.
  • How to get asset allocation right in your MF portfolio Building a mutual fund portfolio is an art as well as science. It's an art as the first step, the most treacherous one, is estimating the risk appetite. Proper asset allocation is the only way to generate high returns from a mutual fund portfolio. Here's how you can get it right.
  • Top performing fund managers of FY14 share trade tricks Money Today asked the top performing fund managers of 2013-14 how they balance investors' expectation of high short-term returns and their schemes' long-term objectives.
  • How we ranked India's Best Mutual Funds in 2014 With over 865 schemes investing in different assets (equity, debt and gold), and divided into different categorise, finding your scheme could be an onerous task. Keeping this in mind, we have divided each category (equity, debt and hybrid) into sub-categories.
  • The best equity, hybrid and debt funds 2014 Money Today in its 2014 listing of India's best mutual funds gives you a tracker of top equity, hybrid and debt funds.
Shoaib Zaman/Money Today
Donate and Save Tax
Contributing to charities and NGOs allows you to reduce the tax outgo while helping the needy.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Fast Forward
Auto ancillary companies have been doing well of late. Experts feel the trend is expected to get stronger over the next one year as political stability emerges and global markets continue to recover from the financial crisis.
Teena Jain Kaushal/Money Today
Secure Your Home
Home insurance acts as an important backup in case things go wrong. To help you make an informed purchase here are a few not-so-frequently asked questions on home insurance. This will help you understanding your policy better.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
On The Way Up

The currency has of late gained from a host of factors. But will it touch its highs of the two last years? Experts are not too sure but say it may touch 50-55 in the short term. Let us understand factors that are giving direction to the Indian currency.

Financial Planning
Query Corner
Money Today experts answer your personal finance queries -
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K Sen/Money Today
When choosing to invest in mutual funds, there are basic investment norms relating to the sector that you should be aware of to maximise your gains, writes Money Today Executive Editor Sarbajeet K Sen.
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Letters to the Editor
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Smart Spending
The Hot and the not so Happening
We introduce new products to help you zero in on those that could offer value for money. Featuring Moto X, Lenovo IdeaPad Z510 and more.
Team Money Today
Markets Ride the Modi Wave
The victory of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in parliamentary elections has triggered a bull run in equity and currency markets.

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