Money Today Archive June 28, 2007 Issue

Edition: June 28, 2007

Cover Story

Planners' prescription

Financial planning may end with sound investments, but it begins with efficient expense management. Four financial planners explain why.
  • Paying more for services It is critical to systematically monitor inflation by various services categories.
  • Unburden your finances Unknown to most and partly known to some, four forces are nibbling away at the finances of urban Indians. Know what these budget busters are.
Mutual Fund
By Prasunjit Mukherjee
Attempt to lock into companies that are likely to see explosive growth in near future.
The amount withdrawn does not attract income tax if you are a member of a recognised provident fund.
My Story
By Rajshree Kukreti
Here's the story of how Swati Jain, 34, is embellishing cakes and making an earning.
A variety of websites have emerged on the Indian cyberspace offering interactive local maps, directory search and suchlikes.
India Infoline has seen a surge since it raided global major CLSA to create a new team.
  • Sell Bajaj stocks, but buy NIIT Foreign institutional investors continue to be heavy buyers of Indian stocks, benefiting from a strong rupee that translates into higher returns in US dollars.
Insurance needs are very customer-specific, simply because no two people are identical with exactly similar needs and resources.
Forgotten family heirlooms could well be treasure troves, so take good care of them. Sometimes they can easily fetch you lakhs.
  • Grape expectations Though a relatively unknown alternative investment option in India, wines have immense possibilities for those who know their drink.
  • Collect the stamps of success The use of snail mail may be on the decline, but the value of stamps are on an unprecedented rise.
Expert View
Ranjit Shastri
Customers like the fact that Amdale thinks ahead and always comes up with multiple solutions, not just one.
  • High price, high value Cheap stocks are not necessarily good. And the costly stuff often reflects future performance.
  • Exotic moneymakers We don’t recommend clients to have more than 10-15% of their portfolio in exotic investments as it is highly illiquid.
  • The Micawber Principle Depending on speed of reforms, life will get worse or better, depending on one’s perspective.
When is it time to enhance your frequent flier programme card with a travel card? Read on.
Small Fortune
Carry a thermos flask filled with cold water whenever you go out with the family. This simple measure can help you save Rs 1.18 lakh over 25 years.
Your Wallet
Nowadays, EMI is a better indicator of affordability than the MRP. We present a new way to compute affordability.
Do you calculate your income and expenses in money? Is there another way, you might ask. A quick time-based calculation throws up some interesting numbers.
Portfolio Doctor
Pune-based Zachariah and Priyamvada Thomas are getting a grip on their finances by repaying their debts and investing systematically.
By Devangshu Datta
The book profiles five great traders and draws lessons from the common methods they employed. Reading it can help investors maximise their gains and minimise their losses.
This snapshot of the rupee's performance may aid you in making overseas investment decisions.
Editors Note
Most people have only a vague idea of where their money goes, and in the process it doesn’t go as far as it should.
Talk Back
Better categorisation of entries in separate sections, option of e-filing, easy language and detailed explanations about how to fill each section should make filing of tax return easier.
In March, roaming rates were slashed by 56%. Now it’s a race to launch the “best” plans. These cuts are an attempt to lure new customers and reduce churn of existing users.

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