Money Today Archive March, 2010 Issue

Edition: March, 2010

Cover Story

Customised to cover your special needs

De-tariffing has encouraged insurance companies, especially private ones, to design innovative products based on individual needs.
R. Sree Ram
Analysts are hard put to dispute that markets will be volatile this year. And volatility means opportunities to buy at dips.
  • Betting on self-study Market rookie Kamya Jaiswal realises that choosing right sectors is as vital as picking good stocks.
  • Growth is back The third quarter results confirm a turnaround in economic activity.With information technology back on track, markets are eagerly waiting for the engineering and banking sectors to climb on to the growth bandwagon.
  • PSU sale: Paying proposition Is the divestment of government stake in public sector undertakings (PSUs) the next big opportunity in the India equity story?
Babar Zaidi
The life insurance sector has transformed since it was opened to private players. Here's what has changed— and what hasn't—in the past 10 years.
Sameer Bhardwaj
To help enhance your knowledge of bonds and ease the transaction process, go through these commonly used terms.
Hitesh Oberoi
Companies are making variable pay a bigger component of salaries, a trend that is likely to catch on.
Expert View
Rajat Rajgarhia
After two years of no growth, we are entering a period of a strong earnings surge. Domestic demand will be the key driver for corporate earnings in the next couple of years.
Query Corner
If you hold Indian citizenship, you do not need to declare your US citizenship to the bank. But if you are no longer an Indian citizen, then you should declare your altered status.
For The Record
While most of the grievances against insurance companies relate to claims, people have felt victimised for other reasons. If you have suffered unjustly at the hands of an insurance firm, here's how and where you can voice a complaint to find a satisfactory solution.
To avoid dividend distribution tax on payouts from debt-oriented funds, one should go for the growth option, not the dividend option.
  • Yielding profit The earnings yield of a stock can help investors compare its performance with that of other asset classes, especially debt instruments like g-secs.
Editors Note
Retail participation in IPOs or new fund offerings has been low in the recent past. However, retail involvement even in the secondary market seems to have dipped.
Talk Back
The story on tax planning (Choose the Right 80C Option, February 2010) was very informative, especially the matrix used to present the features of major products.
Rakesh Rai
As the increment season sets in, it's time to gauge the employee mood. Is he expecting a handsome hike or is he planning to switch jobs? Money Today, along with, conducted an online survey and found that though the term 'good hike' has been redefined due to the slowdown, most respondents are expecting to be compensated for last year's poor show.
Smart Spending
In this series we review recently launched products and services to help you sort the best buys from those that do not offer value for money.
Last Word
Recent salary surveys suggest that most firms are looking at 'variable' pay as a major component of salary hikes this year.
The bad news is that experts expect interest rates to rise in the near future due to an increase in demand for credit.
  • Big tax sticks with small carrots When it comes to deadlines, the one for filing taxes is possibly the most feared. In a rare recognition of this, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has presented a late New Year gift to taxpayers.
  • SMEs upbeat about future The fact that the Indian economy is inching its way to recovery has been endorsed by the third quarter results.
  • The assets to bet on in the long run Given the volatility in returns across most asset classes, including gold, long-term investors may need to rejig their portfolios.
  • Still a safety net? According to Amar Singh, head of Commodities Research, Angel Broking, a fair amount of risk aversion is coming into play among global investors, which has led to a correction in markets across the world.

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