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Sam Abraham & Shoaib Zaman

Tapping The Web

Social media can help you earn more for your business

The social network cannot be ignored, whatever be the size of your business. In fact, it could become your closest ally if you are running a small enterprise. Money Today tells you how you can use social media to your advantage to promote your business.
Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund in Focus - Axis Long Term Equity
Axis Long Term Equity has a three-year annualised return of 12.58%, compared with the benchmark's 1.97%.
  • Will Sebi's new proposals improve mutual fund offerings? The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has proposed measures to make mutual funds more popular. These include tax incentives, more disclosures and high entry barriers. While these promise to improve mutual fund offerings, but critics think otherwise.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Looking For Value
Book value represents that part of the accounting value of a business that will be left after debts are paid off. Several good stocks are trading below their book value. Some can give decent returns in 2014.
Editors Note
Sarbajeet K Sen/Money Today
There are billions of eyeballs fixed on social networking sites at any point providing a ready platform for marketers to look for clientele, writes Money Today Executive Editor Sarbajeet K Sen.
How Indian households see their financial health, economy
The Financial Well-Being Index attempts to highlight the Indian household's perception of their own financial health and economy
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
In the dumps
Money Today in its last issue looked at commodities that gave positive returns in 2013. Now, it brings you the outlook for those that did not perform well.
Talk Back
Letter to the Editor
Money Today readers share the feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -
Smart Spending
Sick of motion
Does travelling by road make you a little queasy or even dizzy? If yes, here are some tips on how to prevent car sickness.
Pushed out of circulation
Indications are that the process is likely to be smooth since the RBI seems to have quietly worked with banks to already suck out a lot of pre-2005 notes. Money Today lists out some of the queries that might naturally come to your mind -

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