Money Today Archive March 22, 2007 Issue

Edition: March 22, 2007

Cover Story

Devangshu Datta

Investment Guide

There is still scope for growth in stock prices, but don’t expect your portfolio to go ballistic in 2007.
  • Cement The industry has hiked prices to pass on a dual-rate excise hike. Earnings will dip 15% without the hike.
  • Shareholders let down You have been short shrifted by India Ltd. CFO P. Chidambaram. But you can still beat the blues.
  • Shareholders let down As promoters of India Ltd, you have been short shrifted by its CFO P. Chidambaram. But you can still beat the blues.
In this MT Issue
By Tejas Bhope
Budget 2007 has proposed several measures to curb rising prices in agricultural products. Commodities trading also provides protection against inflation.
Mutual Fund
By Tejas Bhope
As interest rates rise, rejig your debt mutual fund portfolio to ensure your returns don't fall.
You can't claim a deduction of more than Rs 1 lakh by contributing to a pension plan.
My Story
"I lost everything, except my determination," says  Jyoti Dhanda, who  nurtured her hobby into a career.
Unsure if this is the right time to replace your cathode ray tube monitor with the slim and stylish liquid crystal display?
Commercial rentals are now under the service tax net and this will put pressure on retail stocks.
By Narayan Krishnamurthy
Do not lose heart for having purchased an unsuitable life insurance policy.
By Rajshree Kukreti
Polish your Ps and Qs on office etiquette and sail through the first week at a new workplace. Here’s a quiz to help you.
New Business
By Kamya Jaiswal
Intelligent management of the 'yes' and the 'no' leads to the best decisions.
Sector Scenario
Enam Securities believes that the sell-off in the real estate and construction sector has cleaned out the froth and led to the emergence of select value.
Expert View
Mohan Natarajan
 The finance minister has announced that yields of pulses would be increased significantly by increasing the availability of high-quality seeds.
  • Just say put

    In any case, the budget is not the last word on financial planning. There may be mid-year announcements that would affect your finances more profoundly than the budget proposals.

  • 3 things I didn't like The Finance Bill 2007 has proposed tougher measures against tax evasion by overhauling tax settlement procedures.
  • Cut equity exposure In the age of seamless markets it would be puerile to lay all the blame on the finance minister’s door. But his budget could have provided fresh triggers for the markets to rally around.
Is your household running on a deficit budget? Or are you dissatisfied with your expense management? Start budgeting now. We tell you the basics.
The guide from the stable of The Economist cuts through the maze of investment jargon and cures a novice’s finance phobia, says Sharadh Manian.
Editors Note

The budget hasn’t done much to make us richer and the stock markets aren’t likely to be generous in wealth creation for a few months.

Talk Back
Investing in the stock market is not a safe investor’s cup of tea. The best course for a prudent investor is to invest in different kinds of  investment instruments.
It is easy to prove that the Indian economy would do better if Indians had to pay less tax.

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