Money Today Archive March 26, 2017 Issue

Edition: March 26, 2017

Cover Story

By Renu Yadav

Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

With little clarity on the way interest rates are headed, we tell you how you can make money from fixed-income instruments.

By Tanvi Varma
Taking Stock

With interest rates on a downhill ride, it may pay to invest in high dividend paying stocks.

Real Estate
By Renu Yadav

For first-time buyers, it is a good time to book their dream home, though prices may fall further from here.

Expert Speak
Renu Yadav
R.Sivakumar, Head - Fixed Income, Axis Mutual Fund
R.Sivakumar, Head - Fixed Income, Axis Mutual Fund, talks about the Reserve Bank of India's decision to maintain status quo in repo rates and how the next year will pan out.
By Priyadarshini Maji
Scan to Shop

The government's BharatQR code enables customers to shop without carrying cash and cards.

By Teena Jain Kaushal
The Refill Benefit

Should you opt for the restore option in your health insurance policy?

By Avneet Kaur
A Complete Guide to Cashless Investing

Ditch the paperwork and embark on a faster, easier investment routine.

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