Money Today Archive March 8, 2007 Issue

Edition: March 8, 2007

Cover Story

Coming soon shape of policies to come

Sophisticated products, better service and policies tailored to your requirements—the market is gearing up to it. Are you?

  • Soft Landing An emergency in a foreign land can be very costly. Be sure you are covered.
In this MT Issue
Kamya Jaiswal
In six budgets, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram has given us more money than what he has taken out through taxes. Here’s what to expect on February 28, and why
Mutual Fund
By Rajshree Kukreti
Even though you can’t flaunt it, a gold exchange-traded fund allows you to bask in the metal’s financial aura.

You cannot save income tax by transferring money to your wife even by way of a gift. Know more about taxation.

My Story
The story of N.Adarsh's  passion for radio-controlled flying is also a money spinner. As a child, just like many young boys, he too wanted to be a pilot.
The least expensive stocks are the ones with least PE ratios and the most wanted stocks are the ones most actively traded in the past 15 days.
  • Investment recommendations Snapshots of recommendations from investment houses. These research reports give information and opinions on companies and industries.
The first dose of freedom is set to change the pricing of policies. For innovations, wait till 1 April 2008 when a free market will truly prevail.
  • Preventive Medicine Health is wealth, but poor health need not make you poorer in wealth if you have a smart health insurance plan.
By Rajshree Kukreti
When the new offer has the ingredients of a dream job—fat pay cheque, fancy designation—chances are you may overlook the terms and conditions.
New Business
By Yusuf Begg
A never-say-die attitude and an eye for opportunity helps Aggarwal expand his business.
Expert View
Ajit Narain
Issuing driving licenses for different class of vehicles needs to be revisited. At present there is no grading of driving licenses. 
  • Targeting the masses

    Just like lower entry cost has driven mobile telephony. Health insurance will have to make basic policies affordable.

  • Gold returns

    The weight of the gold in the jewellery is the only barometer for the value embedded in it. Even the market for gold is riddled with degrees of purity and there is a heavy incidence of lower than claimed purity.

  • Creating a global portfolio

    Many of us have the false notion that overseas investments are only for high net- worth individuals.

  • Anchoring the markets

    Prudential ICICI, Bajaj Allianz, Max New York, Tata AIG, Reliance and more are pushing to grow the insurance industry like never before.

Small Fortune
MONEY TODAY shows you simple ideas to build big savings.

What is it that you can't afford to lose and how will that loss impact your finances? Once you know that, you'll know what to cover and for how much.

  • Budget Voyage A journey through 146 years of  Budget making reveals how they have changed the fortunes of the economy and the people.
Rajshree Kukreti
Edwin Lefevre’s classic, published in 1923, contains all the lessons, told in a racy style, that a first-timer needs before entering the stock market, says Rajshree Kukreti
Editors Note
The budget not just directed but dictated the fortunes of the Indian economy and the economy of Indians. Irrespective of what Chidambaram does or doesn’t, Indians are creating assets at an unprecedented pace.
Talk Back

It is essential to begin investing at an early age,specially when one has fewer financial responsibilities.

By Rakesh Rai
The National Housing Bank (NHB) will help the people to  track property rates in major markets. The country’s apex housing bank will launch the NHB RESIDEX.

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