Money Today Archive May 1, 2008 Issue

Edition: May 1, 2008

Cover Story

Priya Kapoor

Take travel out of spa

You can pamper the body without killing the wallet. Priya Kapoor takes a look at various leading spas and their treatment costs to show you how.
  • Travelling in a new tier There’s nothing like chugging through the countryside. And the Railways has a host of packages to suit almost every tourist and every pocket, says Sushmita Choudhury.
  • The modern jungle book Sushmita Choudhury discovers deluxe campsites across India that are great value for money.
Mutual Fund
The best performing tax plan, Magnum Tax Gain has an AUM much higher than what the best performing equity diversified funds manage. As a category both fund types have performed almost alike in the past one year.
  • Your fund's annual cost Expense ratio keeps nibbling into the NAV of mutual funds, reducing the investor’s overall returns. Here’s why you need to keep an eye on it.
  • Betting on big stocks Money Today ties up with Plexus Management to bring to you new fund evaluations. This time it's the ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund.
  • 'Invest in all asset classes' Ramanathan K, Head - Fixed Income, ING Investment Management, shares his investment quotient with you and advises against taking the "get rich quick" approach.
No, a PPF account cannot be extended after maturity. Read the detailed answer inside the story.
Hollywood might be guilty of several sins, but it’s given us the entire genre of  ‘one-man-saves-the-world’ films, for which we are deeply thankful. How else will we even have known about GPS? Or that a mobile phone can be used to detonate bombs or start riots?
The small-cap universe is a treasure trove of bargains — provided you can spot them. We tie up with Trisys Research to identify stocks that aren't in the limelight, but have the potential to give high returns.
  • REI Agro performs well IFCI’s stock is down 64% from its 52-week high of Rs 121, and is at a PE of just 2.1.
  • Revisiting the originals Our fund manager takes a look at how the model portfolios would have fared had they been left untouched.
Expert View
Mudar Patherya
Sirpur Paper will produce a higher quantity of pulp and paper at almost identical overheads, enabling it to cover its fixed costs more effectively. Besides, it will now be in a position to export its products to countries hitherto closed to it on account of chlorine use.
Cheaper than sea cruises but just as exciting, river cruises allow you to see India as you never have before, finds out Sushmita Choudhury.
  • The intelligent traveller Why subject yourself to the tortures of vacationing in tired tourist traps with hordes of others? There’s plenty for you off the beaten track—at prices you can well afford. Take a trip inside.
  • For a few dollars more We’ve lost it. There’s no other way to describe India’s pathetic efforts to become a global tourism destination. With under five million international tourists visiting Incredible India in 2006, we attract less than one eighth of fifth-ranked Italy’s tourist traffic.
  • Around the world... ...on a budget this summer. Here are some deals that caught our eye, split into three price slabs.
Your Wallet
Namrata Dadwal
Price is not the same as value. The most expensive product isn't always the best value for your money. This section highlights the least expensive model in a product category. If price is of no consequence, check out the most expensive model.
Equity-linked debentures. Capital protection-oriented mutual funds. They sound like complicated instruments, don’t they? So Crisil’s complexity rating of 77 financial instruments should be a huge help to investors.
Portfolio Doctor
Pune-based Chaitrali Deshmukh has a good investing approach. But she should be careful while choosing financial instruments for the best returns.
Query Corner
There is no difference in the returns earned by the three options. But the tax treatment of gains from various categories of mutual funds can make a difference to investors’ overall returns.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Intelligent investing is incomplete without intelligent spending. And nowhere does spending acumen matter more than when planning a vacation. This summer, be an intelligent traveller.
It’s a sad fact that when it comes to money and investments, most investors learn from mistakes— their own or someone else’s. Taking the old adage that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, RBI has released a concept paper in which it stresses on the need for financial literacy.
Now and Then
Last fortnight we told you how wheat prices had risen in the past. The situation is no different when it comes to the other major foodgrain in India.
My Idea
Rakesh Rai
Ideas that are unique—in concept or execution—can create or add to your income. For Mumbai-based Sandeep Gajaka, it was the thought that people would pay to get their sneakers cleaned that gave birth to The Shoe Laundry.

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