Money Today Archive May 2013 Issue

Edition: May 2013

Cover Story

Pritam P Hans & Chandralekha Mukerji

Going Solo

How to manage the shift from job to business

There is a growing population of entrepreneurs seeking freedom from regular jobs and setting up own businesses. If you, too, hate working for others and have an idea for a marketable product or service that you are passionate about, it is a good time to start your own venture.
Mutual Fund
Gold ETFs have given a negative return of 0.64 per cent compared with 4.26 per cent average annual return by equity diversified funds over the past one-year.
Pritam P Hans
Paying in a Different Coin
Demand in India for Bitcoins, a virtual currency maintained by peer networks, is largely from speculators - as it is worldwide.
  • How to place stock orders and benefit from them The list of types of sell/buy orders you can place with your stock broker is long and confusing. We explain the most popular ones and how you can put these to best use.
  • Behind gold loan companies' struggle to earn profits Their strong run over the last few years made them look like set for exponential growth for a long time to come. For the last few months, gold loan companies have been struggling to come to terms with the harsh market reality.
Money Today Basics
Chandralekha Mukerji
Surfing Dangers
We are all familiar with phishing mails and the dangers of transacting on an unsecured site and using public computers or shared wi-fi connections. Here are some lesser-known traps.
Editors Note
In our cover package, we tell you how to structure your investments during the shift, how to re-balance your insurance portfolio including your health cover and how best to deal with your existing debts.
Rahul Oberoi/Money Today
Standing on Weak Ground
Before investing in iron ore you should look at factors such as the government's mining policies, likely export/import figures and demand in key consuming countries such as China.
Talk Back
Letters to the Editor
Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's personal finance coverage -
Smart Spending
Sam Abraham
Fashioning Success
The online fashion retailing industry is burgeoning. Numerous sites have cropped up in the past few years to claim their share of a very satisfying retail pie.
  • Smart spending: How to make your home automated In India, following the boom in the realty sector, new home buyers are opting to add automated elements to their property. Technology has developed so much so that anyone can afford to automate their houses, customised to individual needs and, more importantly, individual budgets.
  • The Hot and the not so Happening gadgets Sam Abraham introduces new products to help you zero in on those that offer value for money.
Team Money Today
Is this the end of the gold rush?
If gold prices sustain at lower levels, consumption could grow at a faster pace. However, volatility in prices could limit investment demand in the near term.
  • Quote Unquote Expert speak on what is making news in the world of personal finance -
  • Trivia and Telling Figures
  • Bond with gilts as inflation eases Inflation has fallen below 6% for the first time in three years. Clearly, this opens up more room for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to cut policy rates further.
  • Capital Loss for Managed Portfolios The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of Mumbai recently ruled that fund manager's fee paid by an individual cannot be deducted while calculating capital gains from investments made through PMS for tax purposes.
  • Regulator Watch A look at recent rulings which can affect you -

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