Money Today Archive May 28, 2009 Issue

Edition: May 28, 2009

Cover Story

Rakesh Rai, Narayan Krishnamurthy and Sushmita Choudhary

Untangle your financial mess

We take you through the problems in seven areas of personal finance and offer solutions. A common thread that runs through these solutions is your need to understand the product.
Mutual Fund
Sameer Bhardwaj
A mutual fund’s returns should not be the only criterion for selecting a scheme for investing. Investors also need to evaluate how these returns are generated.
Preeti Goel and Sonu Iyer
Your arrears will provide a boost to your finances, but they may also increase your tax burden.
Harpreet Singh
Windows Vista may not have inspired a fan following because of its size and operational problems, but on standalone machines it can be stable, even fun.
R. Sree Ram and Tanvi Varma
Analysts are optimistic about select sectors and stocks that have gained from the recent rally. Here are five picks and why they are likely to do well in the future.
  • Taking a little more risk Our fund manager short-sells another stock in Wealth Zoom and explains why. Readers, however, are sceptical.
Find out about the exclusions in your cover to ensure smooth settlement of claims.
Real Estate
Rakesh Rai
If investing in realty, consider more than a proposed project in the area.
  • Rites of succession Ensuring that your assets benefit desired members of the family after your death is neither a complex nor an expensive exercise.
In the current uncertainty and despite the surprising rally in the market, technical analysts continue to forecast specific target levels for stocks and indices.
Portfolio Doctor
Kamya Jaiswal
Bengaluru-based Vijay Shukla has profited from advice, but must improve his financial acumen to sustain the good run.
R. Sreeram
If you are an impulsive investor, read this book for temperance. The studies on investor behaviour patterns across the world can provide a much-needed insight into your own.
Query Corner
Gold ETFs can be bought and sold like any other share or security on the stock market through a broker. You need to have a demat account in a bank or a depository partner, and a trading account with the broker.
Pharmaceutical companies have fared well in the past year, with four figuring in the top 10 stock list.
  • Technical analysis of the Sensex Technical analysis does not help make absolute predictions, but like weather forecasting, it enables the investors to be better prepared for the future. Forecasts for the Sensex depend on the five trends listed below.
  • FIIs' stake in Indian markets Despite the weak fourth quarter results of MindTree, FIIs increased their stake in it because of its better-thanexpected revenue guidance for 2009-10.
  • When a Ulip is better than a mutual fund If the tenure is over 15 years and the investor is proactive in switching between debt and equity, Ulips can be a rewarding option.
Editors Note
Alam Srinivas
Today, as India stares at the prospect of lower growth, we are facing the adverse consequences of our actions.
Talk Back
Consumer activism has been on the rise during the slowdown as some companies are misleading consumers and investors for their profit.
With stock markets on an upswing in the past month, there are signs of the effect rubbing on to the primary market as well.
My Idea
Namrata Dadwal
The desire to nurture sporting talent led Joseph Ollapally, 29, Hakimuddin S. Habibullah, 30, and Nandan Kamath, 32, to start GoSports, a Bengaluru-based firm that manages and grooms athletes.

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