Money Today Archive May 3, 2007 Issue

Edition: May 3, 2007

Cover Story

Confessions of a mis-seller

A former bank executive recounts the personal horror of breaching the trust of unsuspecting customers by saddling them with unsuitable investments.
  • Lost: Rs 10,000 crore Thousands have invested in Money Plus on the ludicrously optimistic assumption that the fund value will rise by 25% every year for 20 years.
Mutual Fund
MONEY TODAY gives you an insight into the market trends and how it will hit your pocket.
Don't spend your provident fund money. Invest it judiciously in either debt or equity schemes.
My Story
By Rakesh Rai
Vijay, 44, goes underwater to rake in the moolah.
As life-at-work and life-after-work get increasingly intertwined, so does the popularity of BlackBerry.
The foreign institutions continue to remain bullish but the I ndi an funds are still bearish—or booking profits. A nnual results of companies will dictate market sentiments in the next few weeks.
Over the past 250 years, insurance has been the fastest growing industry. It has helped grow other industries investing long-term funds.
Real Estate
India's sixth largest metropolis has emerged as a preferred back-office base for MNCs. This has transformed the real estate in the city.
  • Rent, not buy Hold your plans to buy a house for a few months, when a combination of factors could make property buying better.
Sector Scenario
The Indian pharma sector is poised to turn a corner on the back of excellent growth in first nine months of 2006-7.
Expert View
Dipen Sheth
The world of investing is full of choices. Choices that lead you from bust to boom, and back to bust.
Financial Planning
By Tejas Bhope
Shifts in the equity and debt markets have automatically changed your asset allocation. We tell you what to do.
Small Fortune
Is your lunch bill eating into your wallet? Start bringing lunch from home instead of eating out. This simple lifestyle change can help you save Rs 19 lakh over 25 years. Read on.
Your Wallet
By Namrata Dadwal
Grading appliances on basis of energy consumption opens up new possibilities of long-term savings for buyers who can now look beyond just the MRP.
MONEY TODAY gives you a quick guide on what and where to get your basic financial literacy.
Sharadh Manian
David Bach's investment manual motivates readers of all ages to secure their financial freedom through some easy-to-understand guidelines, says Sharadh Manian.
Editors Note
Rohit Saran
Investor education is the raison d'etre of this magazine. And building up an intelligent financial plan for you is just a humble contribution.
Talk Back
Credit card is a double-edged financial tool. And its irresponsible use can create unimaginable financial mess, very quickly.

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